Valor Gaming

Valor Gaming is recruiting we are taking veterans and experience players must have a mic and be a dedicated player we are a eSports team and livestream on youtube and twitch must be 16+
Do or do not there is no try ~ Master Yoda


  • JipjijJipjij Posts: 5Player
    What platform
  • ProDiGy_QuiiKProDiGy_QuiiK Posts: 41Player
    PlayStation 4
    Do or do not there is no try ~ Master Yoda
  • I'd like to join. My round win/loss ratio is 1.26 (so I really try to win every round I can) and a neutralization/neutralized ratio of 1.89 ( I usually go lone wolf till I find someone good enough to play a squad mate. I.E: watch a corner or entryway while I clear a building or using fog when I don't have any) in private but have a playing time of over 33 hours
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