Revive awards ?

ghostthatshighghostthatshigh Posts: 50Player
It's a long shot but it would be nice if there was a challenge or award for reviving teammates . Like revive this # of teammates for so many points ect or even the gold coins yoy get for weapon challenges . Any chance we could see something like this in the future ? I just think it would entice people to play more of a medic role and not focus on just kills .


  • Duke_AudiDuke_Audi Posts: 324Beta Tester
    On the PC we can earn a medal called "Everybody's Buddy" for reviving three teammates in the same round.
  • ghostthatshighghostthatshigh Posts: 50Player
    Yeah i had a feeling pc had sometjing along those lines.

    Be fun to do a medic challenge , one of my favourite aspects in the game is reviving and supporting the team . Most revives I've had in one game is 18 lol
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