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I decided to actually sink more time into this. so stay tuned for more, and always make suggestions if you are stuck on something.

Coming soon
-Skeletal Meshes
-Simple Triggers and Matinee
-Advanced Materials
-Advanced Lighting and Channels
-.WAV sounds
-Possibly AKsounds & AKsound banks
-Unreal Cascade Emitters

________Gravity Volumes________


-Bulk Resize (Resize your mesh texture)

-3DF Zephyr

-i tried to make this as brief as possible. Watch my collision video for collision, texture for texturing etc. However if even one person needs the full in depth walk through, ill post it. trying to keep these fast.

-This is not the best tool, but its the ONLY free tool that I have found which is user friendly with an easy learning curve.

________Post Processing + Color Grading________

-Color Grading

-Base Lut Texture (for color grading)

________Basic Materials________

-Gimp (de-saturate and adjust levels for specular map)

-Bulk Resize (VERY VERY HANDY)

-Online Normal Map Tool One

-Online Normal Map Tool Two

-Stand Alone Normal Map Tool Free

-All Around Stand Alone Texture Tool

-Online Seamless Texture Generator

________Using Interp Actors________

________Custom Bullet Impact Decals________
[Maybe a Dev can comment on changing impact decal draw distances]

________Custom MCDCX collision________


-Size must be in powers of two, these can be mismatching such as 128x1024 or identical like 512x512.

-Useful powers of 2 include 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024

-ColorSpace is also important. Height maps must be Greyscale, while your normal textures you should stick to Linear Colorspace, and or sRGB Colorspace. its important to note the different results you get.

-Formats for textures you wish to import should be either Targa or PNG.

-Depth you should have set at 8-bit when saving your final textures before importing.

____Static Meshes____
-All Static meshes should be imported from .FBX files. Use the 2013 version.

-Sometimes you must split you mesh up into multiple meshes to get them to import correctly This will remedy you problem if you run into an import that does not look like the original model.

-Always make sure to have all of your normals aligned and facing outwards.

-If you wish to have your materials apply and not have the engine generate them for you. Make sure to keep your .MTL file in the same folder

-In order to import your own custom audio, you must import your audio in .WAV format.

-Just like textures, you cant use 32bit float for you .wav files. i attempted to use 32bit float, it has never worked for me. i recommend 16bit 256kbs.

-Make sure to tick the box to create sound cue's for all of your .wav files that you import.

____Skeletal Meshes____
-In order to import a mesh as a skeletal mesh, you will need to have some sort of rig on your model

-If you wish to replace an object that can only be replaced with a skeletal mesh, but do not want to actually rig your model, simply assign a single joint to the model and export from your modeling software. This is handy for things such as the flag in extraction, which can only be replaced with a skeletal mesh under the objective properties.

____Light Maps____
-As far as i am aware there is no way for general content creators to import their own custom light maps into the AAPD advanced udk3 editor. However by baking your lighting and overlaying it in photoshop on your texture, or editing it to have an alpha channel and adding it to your material. You can add detailed ambient occlusion and soft shadows to your model.



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    Awesome stuff! Love to see content creators helping each other!
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

  • [FOX]Kamjam21xx[FOX]Kamjam21xx Posts: 122Player
    Thanks a lot! I hope to keep a decently steady stream running. id say i have a beginner/mid level understanding of UDK3 and with all my other experience im having a pretty easy learning curve.
  • -=}WoLvErInE{=--=}WoLvErInE{=- Posts: 1,169Player
    Good Work! Thanks for sharing. Keep them coming. :+1:
  • [FOX]Kamjam21xx[FOX]Kamjam21xx Posts: 122Player
    Sorry for the delay, ive got the green light to work with a team on a game thatll be on steam in 2 years. so ive been busy.

    Ive recorded a few tutorials, just need to edit them in vegas and upload them. ill get around to that today. as an added bonus for those who have a hard time modeling some things, im going to do a photogrammetry tutorial as well.
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    Working on an elevator with doors tutorial per a request from one of the contest winners. This probably isnt right as it sits incomplete right now, but im sure ill try and figure this out and post a video today on it. Hes working on a cool new map.


    That will not in any way work like that, just trying to visualize how id do this. If anyone wants to contribute, id appreciate it. im sure theres more ways than one to do it, mine probably wont be the best as it will be my first.
    Elevator.PNG 180.4K
  • -=[DISF]=-Max-=[DISF]=-Max Posts: 250Player
    thanks, Kam :) my problem: when I call the elevator on the first floor, I can not keep another door closed, on the top floor.
  • [FOX]Kamjam21xx[FOX]Kamjam21xx Posts: 122Player
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    Im guessing i need some of that if this then that power. ill have to find the "If, and, or" stuff. Busy at the moment, but ill be working on it in a few hours. Hope to get this figured out for ya!

    Its starting to remind me of lego league, and my old science circuit maker kit thing. I think i have it figured out, just have to put it together.
  • [FOX]Kamjam21xx[FOX]Kamjam21xx Posts: 122Player
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    I made a really simple 2 level elevator, that will only work with 2 levels. I've been looking at this though. Max are you making a 2 level or 3+ level elevator?


    Theres multiple ways to set it up, so ill try out a few and post them later.

    Update. This is giving me a headache, im going to pickup a book at barnes and nobles if they have one. maybe order one. i need to learn more to do this. Its a lot of comparing against constants and then if true or false do this or that. But i cant even get my trigger to display text or trigger when i set it for USE instead of TOUCH. Wont be coming tonight. however if its just the simple 2 level elevator i can post that for you Max
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    only two level Kam, first floor to last floor. the hard thing is the 4-door synchronization. the functionality is similar to that of redline, only the customization of the cab and closing doors changes.
    I made many attempts, a kilometer of kismet ... but I'm sure the solution is much simpler than my mental trips

    aapg.jpg 628.9K
  • =[101st]=Muzza455=[101st]=Muzza455 Posts: 1,101Player
    lmao kismet drives everyone up the wall lol you get it to function seemlessly in editor only to find it messes up in a server .
  • =[101st]=Muzza455=[101st]=Muzza455 Posts: 1,101Player
    the downfall of doors atatched is the 2way switches
  • [FOX]Kamjam21xx[FOX]Kamjam21xx Posts: 122Player
    Im no longer playing until the next AA, if there will be one. I cant take the clan drama, im banned on the populated custom map servers. there is no drama free server to play custom maps on. ill be taking on more work instead. Hope these help out. But i have no problem posting modeling tutorials if anyone wants to learn how to use splines, nurbs, Coffee, Python, use particle simulations, make pipes, model buildings, cars, etc.

    Other than that, goodbye guys
  • -=[DISF]=-Max-=[DISF]=-Max Posts: 250Player
    I managed to solve, if it works i will show the construction :)

    Kamjam i do not know what happened, but thank you for your contribution, when you want you will be welcome!
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    This has been a test of the emergency flame-fest system. Please do not adjust your set.
  • -=[DISF]=-Max-=[DISF]=-Max Posts: 250Player
    Keebler i'm a hostile fan, your lift is spectacular . A question,... but all that kismet work, is it only for the elevator? impressive :)
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,621Beta Tester
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    Ya, man. Hostile is an old, mid-equatorial desert village on the outskirts of a newer city down the shoreline. I hear it barely even has running water! The one modern building in town, a hotel, only moved there because of the cheap land prices. :)

    Other than the level audio, all that kismet runs the elevator in that building!

    There are still a few improvements I want to make to the error proofing and such, but I'm proud of it!

    EDIT: oh, wait...I forgot! One of the reasons there's so much kismet is because I had to do it twice - there's two elevators! :p

    This has been a test of the emergency flame-fest system. Please do not adjust your set.
  • @Kamjam21xx

    "Coming soon
    -Possibly AKsounds & AKsound banks"

    Have you, or anyone, been able to figure out how to create and add sounds into AkBanks?

    I'm looking to replace the C4 countdown with a longer one. From 40 seconds to 60.
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