EU TWL map serie!

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TWL has been working hard behind the scene to change the competive side of AAPG. We just fininshed our season! The teams have been amazing to work with! with ups and downs!
We saw teams and members giving us advice and we do not forget their opinion about certain aspects that might need some improvement and here is one for every one!

We at TWL are very proud to annouce the first MAP serie tournament at TWL. Yes you read it right! We heard the calls of more fun and possible cups between seasons!
The map cup we decided to have is our new map Hydra! The sign ups for this event are open at january 7th. and will close one week later 13th of january!
All teams and players are welcome for this cup its a community event with a different touch! That I will explain later in the next update of how this will work!
Keep TWL website in your bookmarks cause there will be more and more information about this cup during the following days! We are excited to annouce this! Lets get this community back on the road!



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    The Danish Dynamite (dd^) will be able to join and if we don't play all night, than maybe I'll cast the final ;)
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    Back up. Hope to see participation
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    the moment is here! AAPG players asked for more in between seasons ! Here is the information about our MAP SERIE tourny ! With the first one being Hydra ! Everything has been pushed out questions can be asked and people can start registeren tomorrow for this new event !
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    It's start of week and we just starting to gather our teams for this tournament, but i belive we will be able to gather two teams again. -[iG]- and -[NoiG]- :)
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