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So I was wondering what resolution the textures are in this game, I thought I heard they were at 768p but im not sure, whatever it is, is it possible we could get an update to them to make the game look nicer?
Higher textures?
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    So... everyone who says "My game lags and performs poorly" ....put your hand up... how much better should the textures be to slow your system down?

    The game is running on an old Unreal engine, and DX9.

    It needs a community with good computers, good internet, and a new game engine. Until then, I think better textures would just hurt the game.

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    There would be a scaling option, also I ran this game on a craptop for a year, at 15 fps, and even at that it was an incredibly well performing game, just have a scaling option so people can have textures scaled lower
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    To answer the OP: it varies depending on the texture. The majority of them is 2048x2048, some 1024x1024, and there are some smaller ones for distant/small objects (I think there are some larger ones, but I can't find them). So I don't know, what the heck 768p supposed to be - as it is a screen resolution (1366x768) thus not applicable to textures -, but these textures seem to be better. I don't know how these textures are scaled, however.

    It is important to note, that the texture resolution itself says absolutely nothing about the quality. You can use a 32000 x 32000 texture, it will look really bad if you put it on a too big surface which is close to the player. If a 1024x1024 texture is used properly, it will create way better looking results.

    Just updating textures won't suddenly make a game look super good either. Shaders, models, animations etc also play a big role. IMO AAPG look good enough for what it is - a free game with 3+ years behind it, old engine etc. You shouldn't expect some Battlefield-level stuff...

    Some examples:
    1st person weapon diffuse ("color") map: 2048x2048
    Most environment diffuse maps: 2048x2048
    Birch tree diffuse: 1024x1024
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    don't forget about the impact of polygon counts
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