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Hi all first i will say happy new years to you all from me.

hi i see alot of player who jumping and fire when they are in air.are this a bug or no macros becouse when i try it i cant fire in the air but when im are in the floo then i can fire when i stop jumping.but they fire in the air.its same whit frags when i nada before i dies they never be killd from my frags??and also i see when i try to fire when i see one my fire button stops working like one or two sec then i can fire,DEV you need to fix it to next year.)

see you around.
  1. can you get space to stop working in game0 votes
    1. yes if the server onwer take off the space button from the ini.files at the server not your pc.
    2. all we can do its take off the space button.but then we cant jump like to bed


  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,065Moderator
    they cant either, its just your perception of it.
    Its been discussed for as long as i remember and tested just as much, and the only "fix" is to remove jumping altogether.
    Not really an alternative as it would mean a total redesign of the entire game.
    And, jumping have no impact on gameplay over any other movement, they are harder(ish) to hit simply because they move.
  • Dazboot_wt_Dazboot_wt_ Posts: 10Player
    hi frankof!ok but if they dont like jumper why not the rent server can do it self??i know it and i did have server before and i can do it.just delect the space button in the files that one you have the key.if they can do fire spot enemy then the rent server can do it to like me did it before.but now i dont know if you can do it.hold on will get the file im be back in a 5 min
  • Dazboot_wt_Dazboot_wt_ Posts: 10Player
    you see this ??

    and thats why they can jump and fire.fix it, i fhink that are some bugs or hacks .i dont know ?


    and i dont know if i wil show this becouse this are all ready in your site

    <--- If using hold-to-sight --->
    Bindings=(Name="RightMouseButton",Command="GBA_Sight | SetBind LeftShift GBA_Jump | OnRelease SetBind LeftShift GBA_Run")
    <--- If using toggle-sight --->
    Bindings=(Name="ADS_State1",Command="GBA_Sight | SetBind LeftShift GBA_Run | SetBind LeftMouseButton ADS_State2")
    Bindings=(Name="ADS_State2",Command="GBA_Sight | SetBind LeftShift GBA_Jump | SetBind LeftMouseButton ADS_State1")
    Bindings=(Name="P",Command="SetBind LeftMouseButton ADS_State1 | SetBind LeftShift GBA_Run")
  • doogle!doogle! Posts: 720Player
    Depending on where you live, there are several private servers who do not allow "bunny hopping" in the server. Trust me when I say they enforce the rule.

    It is not possible to fire and shoot at the same time. It's simply a video game tactic that is not limited to AAPG.
  • Dazboot_wt_Dazboot_wt_ Posts: 10Player
    Depending on where you live, there are several private servers who do not allow "bunny hopping" in the server. Trust me when I say they enforce the rule.

    It is not possible to fire and shoot at the same time. It's simply a video game tactic that is not limited to AAPG.
    naaa its the game not the place you are from.if someone who have the server can you test to remove the space button from your rent server?if someone jump then then you know at he have other button to jump?????

  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,065Moderator
    You cant remove "space button" as long as you allow people to play with what ever keys they like.
    Outside of you disliking jumping thers no reason to remove it.
  • doogle!doogle! Posts: 720Player
    You misunderstood me my man. It is not possible to disable jumping or remove the space bar as a server owner/renter. But, there are servers who remove anyone who jumps.
  • =IK=.Scooby=IK=.Scooby Posts: 119Player
    It isn't even difficult to kill "bunny hoppers"(why are they called bunny hoppers? it's not bunny hopping. It's corner jumping. Bunny hopping is repeatedly jumping.) Use your sound and destroy them as they come around the corner. They're actually at a disadvantage because they have to wait to land til they can shoot, while you can shoot them while they're still in the air. Sound + reflexes better than some 80 year old man and you can kill "bunny hoppers" with ease.
  • I jump around corners all the time, in every FPS. Just part of the game, but you can't shoot while jumping around the corner. My guess what you see is when they jump around the corner from like a bench or higher wall then yes sometimes if the fall is long enough the gun can fire (not intended by design).

    To come to your nades, depending on the location and the amount of time you cooked it. It is really easy to get away from nades, also keep in mind that chairs can stop nade damage and flash effects.

    To come to your key bind removal true admin settings on a server, never going to work. I've put my config on read only so that not even the game update's changes my settings.

    And "bunny hopping" please, this is America's Army.. It doesn't even have the correct engine settings to even allow you to get close to hopping, lol when trying it in this game you actually slow down.

    This is "bunny hopping";

  • Chuvisco[i]Chuvisco[i] Posts: 9Player
    edited January 2018
    Like these first two kills?

  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,608Beta Tester
    I've been playing with someone lately who seems to know where to shoot before jumping and it's driving me insane. (And I don't mean shooting into a known corner either!!!) The jump is one thing, but a jump and headshot before even peeking to find a target is a bit more than I'm willing to concede.... :angry:

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