What type of map of would you like to see?



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    I think Urban Assault has the best combo of range and CQC.
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    That isn't the article I meant to post. I must of copied the wrong link, but here is another -> http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/1llkm6/the_americas_army_proving_grounds_open_beta/.

    Here is some more (brief) comparison -> http://esreality.com/post/2481554/america-s-army-4-proving-grounds/

    Many of the comments are very broad and do not go into detail, but the point was to indicate that people do compare it to CoD/BF. I've played the BF series and speaking on behalf of B3 forward, not so much CoD, the feel of AAPG is much like the feel of BF. You do not get a direct feel of damaging the enemy. You pick up enemies by spamming one key. You have ridiculous 3d spots. Jumping and mantling over objects all feel the same. Weapons feel pretty similar. If we get some destructible environment I could probably do a side by side and confuse many.

    I'm sorry if it offends anyone's view of this game, but the details are there. Done... as I'm now way off topic.
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    If it was anything like Battlefield or COD I would expect thousands more players playing it than we have now.
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    If it was anything like Battlefield or COD I would expect thousands more players playing it than we have now.

    although true.. everyone posting here wouldnt be
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    I don't always post but when I do it's super interesting and funny.

    Well not my fault you're not a patient player. We already have many impatient maps. I think we can have some patient ones, you now, like a textbook Army situation ;) So far no one can say that it is king of the hill because there are none...

    Off you go down-voting more posts of people that don't go in line with what you think... erm I mean the popular thinking... erm. I mean the majority...
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    As this thread no longer remotely resembles the OP I think it's time to shut 'er down.
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