Today At 2PM Easter!!-[U|S|A]- 2nd Annual New Year's Day Party

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Today is the day!!
Let the Fun Begin!!! Ready to win a game? Or maybe you will win the grand prize of the night, $50.00 added to your steam wallet. We are starting at 2 PM Eastern Time, we will be using two servers for this event, the same contests and prizes will be available on each server. Over $1,600.00 in cash and prizes, you won't want to miss out!!

PRIZE WINNERS We will need you to join our Discord or TS (info below) in order to receive your prizes. Thank you and Happy New Year, Everyone!!! HOOAH!!

Contests to be played on both servers,

1-) Checkout, M4 and Pistol Only-all nades fine, winning team gets prizes Best of 9 rounds

2-) Downtown, Shot Gun 1 on 1 Meet in the market for shoot off. Winner of each showdown gets a game

3-) Bridge Night, Bolt Action Sniper Only, No smoke flash or nade no pistol! Top three scores wins a game (the lowest score also gets a prize) Best of 9 Rounds

4-) Intercept VIP, Normal Game, Open Weapons, Winners at the end of the match, top 5 Performers get a game. Best of 9 rounds

5-) Homestead, Choke/Crouched Only, No Weapons or Nades Must be in crouched position at all times and kills by choking only. Most chokes for each team gets a game. Play 4 - 4 min rounds!

6-) Sandstorm, Normal Game, SAW (M249) Only! All nades fine! Top 3 scores win a game. Best of 9 rounds.

7-) Redline, Normal Game, M16 iron site only, (no dmr) Top 3 scores gets a game. Best of 9 rounds.

8 -) InsurgentCamp, Normal game, open weapons all nades! Top score of each team gets a game. Best of 9 rounds (Person with the most chokes gets a package deal!)

Final Game will be on server 1

Inner Hospital Grand Finale!! No Sniper or DMR, everything else goes. Top score for each side gets a game. Bottom score for each side gets a game. Grand prize of the night, the player with the least deaths at the end of the game receives a $50.00 cash gift added to your steam wallet.
-[U|S|A]-Universal Soldiers Alliance invites you to join us for a day of games and prizes!!

Who can participate? Everyone!!

Last year we decided to have a game giveaway on New Year's Day, so we all pitched in some money and purchased a bunch of Steam games, and we held a bunch of contests, some cool, some silly, some serious, and winners won Steam Games, so in the end, it was a big success and a lot of fun!!

Well we are going to do that again!! Come join us on January 1st, 2018, beginning @ 2 PM Eastern Time!! If you have nothing else to do after a night of ringing in (drinking in) the new year then why not try to win a PC game? We have two servers being used for this event. And No, ALL contests will not be on InnerHospital LOL!!! The games purchased for the giveaways are provided by the donations of our -[U|S|A]- Clan members and friends. If you are interested in pitching in please see our websites home page for details. And thank you!!

UPDATE December 10th 2017,

As of today, we have over 70 titles worth a little over $1,000.00 USD!! Don't miss the fun!

Here are a few of the games we will have on hand as prizes,

Q.U.B.E Director's Cut
Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight
Garry's Mod
Rivals of Aether
Uurnog Uurnlimited
Steamworld Heist
Rust (Early Access)
Quantum Break
Crusaders of the Lost Idols Elite Starter Pack
Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms - Celeste's Starter Pack
Space Run Galaxy
Project Highrise
Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Warhammer Vermintide 2 Beta
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III
One Piece Burning Blood Great game

You can see a list of last years winners on the AAPG public forums here, 2017 New Year's Winners

Our Clan is happy to put on this event, and want to extend our hand to all the great Clans and players of this great game, it is the community that makes this an awesome game!!

Please be advised ahead of time we will be relaxing on our ping limit for this event!

How to find us,

Clan Website

TeamSpeak 3


Server 1,

Server 2,


-[U|S|A]-Universal Soldiers Alliance would like to wish the entire AAPG community, from the Developers and Beta Testers to the many great Clans and players, a Very Safe and Happy Holiday Season!! HOOAH!!!
One day I will graduate noob school!!!


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