Nvidia DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution)

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Hello guys,

Yesterday I looked for information on nvidia DSR , thinking it was not compatible with this game. I got a big surprise when I saw that can be activated and it works wonders .
The idea is to render the image at a much higher resolution than your monitor have and then make a downsamplig to the resolution of your monitor ( from 3840x2160 to 1920x1080 ) .
thus you can have a much clearer image and with a level of " antialiasing " much higher than allowed by the game itself.

More information about DSR here:


Give it a try and enjoy!!


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    Other players reported that it was very taxing, you'll need a really beefy rig for this. (Whiplash for example reported dropping from 150 to 60 fps.) Anybody that said switching to DSR at 4K didn't have performance impact was doing it wrong :tongue:
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    I have it capped to 90 fps (game default) and I didn't have any issues (2500K @ 4.2GHz + Geforce 970 SLI). I got 90 fps all the time.
    In any case, you can go to 2x the resolution of your monitor instead of 4x and it shouldn't be so heavy performance wise.
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    I tried with with my 780sc, but that thing was weak.. should try it now with the 970, however no way I can achieve steady 150FPS so wont keep it but worth a try.. the difference was very awesome, the picture was super clear
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    Why 150FPS? What kind of monster monitor do you have???

    I don't think there's that much improvement going from a 780sc to a 970 though...
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    not monster.. 144hz monitor, pretty standard these days

    I seen HUGE difference from my 780sc (might have not been 100%) vs my new 970 !!

    funny.. only AA thought the card was busted.. benchmarks and other games the card was good.. just not this game.. since getting my 970 .. omg lights out
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    Here's a comparison so you can see the quality improvements:

    1920 x 1080

    3840 x 2160
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