1 Bullet Bug

doogle!doogle! Posts: 720Player
Anyone else experience only having 1 bullet after a reload?


  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,065Moderator
    only when i interrupt the reload in some way
  • Duke_AudiDuke_Audi Posts: 348Beta Tester
    I have but only a couple of times. It's the switch to single fire after a reload that catches me out more often.
  • ~Gorilla~~Gorilla~ Posts: 768Administrator
    I also only have this happen if it was interrupted because I was trying to key my next action to soon.
  • Dct.F|LeventeDct.F|Levente Posts: 602Beta Tester
    edited December 2017
    Yes, I have experienced this. I even got it on video and was able to confirm that I'm not going insane, and the reload did indeed finish...

    Unfortunately I'm unable to find a way to reproduce this. My bet is on latency combined with very fast actions and a bit of "bad luck", but my bet is worth nothing if I can't back it up with a repro. The problem is, that "bad luck" can be anything: random packet loss, server hiccup, etc, and randomness makes finding even a half-decent repro nearly impossible.

    If you have footage of it happening, send it my way. Worst case I look at it and learn nothing new.

    For the record, this bug is VERY rare for me.
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  • -[U|S|A]-DominoSugar-[U|S|A]-DominoSugar Posts: 13Beta Tester
    I have had the same happen to me when trying to reload and bandage quick simultaneously.
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