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    Anyways keep doing it if you enjoy it. I'm looking forward to see how it ends. You sure have talent.

    Over 1.3k Golden Hawkeyes.
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    Well.... this isnt fun, but i said i might do it. So i guess i will. Didnt accomplish much today. but i think thats better.

    Some normals need to be reversed, the model doesnt have smoothing groups at the moment.
    still working on it.




    Started Baking really high quality ambient occlusion on some models, setup an AO shader in the Diffuse layer, baked it, added it as a layer with multiply in photoshop. looks good. [external AO isnt in these screenshots]
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    Window Time. manually placing every one. Fun.
    Every model will be re-imported with smoothing groups in the final. For some reason FBX exports from cinema 4d doesnt like to carry along my phong angles and phong breaks. or even anything to do with any shader at all.

    Slow but steady


    What the heck, thanks a lot udk. Udk is a jerk, i guess thats what i get for trying to put uvs on my really complex 747 body slices. Anyone know how to fix this without completely removing the lighting? re-importing and changing the uv channel to one thats useless doesnt work. I dont think i could stand being a computer guy and sitting here with all the headaches if it wasnt for 30k of 70's hifi and PA to listen to music on.

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    with all the detail and effort you are putting into these maps m8 i am wondering how many players will have a good enough pc to play the maps . judging by the fps counter on your pics you and your map is not finished yet you may need to do some serious optimising to be playable for all.not all players have high spec pc,s
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    Nah its just from running so many programs at once, and i havent put in any LOD models yet. but i want to be really conservative with my LOD models. so people arent shooting from edges while invisible to other players.

    Photoshop cs6
    Chrome with like 20-30 tabs usually
    AA advanced editor and PIE
    Cinema 4D (sometimes 2 versions since i dont have some plug-ins in r17 that i do in older versions)
    -1)I need to run all my cloth simulations in r16 if i want my cloth simulations to collide
    - with a rigid body
    - 2)I have a huge library of shaders, thrausi cut, x-particles, turbulenceFD, etc in r16, and
    - not r17. But R17 has some handy new tools. im a little behind, but new licenses
    - arent cheap.
    Fruity loops
    windows media player for music
    Z-brush if i encounter something that needs it, but i havent yet on this map.

    All running on 3 screens at 1080p. So if i can run that and still get 40-90 frames, i think its good. no need to worry! I have a tendency to just leave stuff open, even when im in game haha.

    There, see. Might start doing some photogrammetry of some rocks, and use z-brush, make some cliffs, and put them in for the attacking team. They packaged great ones in the game, but i got my own ideas on what exactly i want to make.
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    Hopefully this turns into a cliff, not sure if it will. Never tried making one from scratch before.

    new_Cliff.JPG 334.2K
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    I put this one in just for G.W.Bush, i think it will really catch on. calling the other tower "Pluto"

    I also decided to scrap some of my ideas. i was modeling trees and rocks, but decided the gain wasnt worth the risk of it not being playable due to file size. the main gig is the jet, so thats what matters. hope to be finished soon.

    Things to finish
    -the world in general
    -second floor in the jet
    -rear landing gear
    -rear landing gear bay
    -animating the truck
    -adding grass and small plants
    -painting the terrain
    -setting up objectives
    -possibly adding a control tower
    -a few detail pieces on the wings, turbines, etc
    -some interior walls
    -front window
    -small steps on wings to doors
    -front landing gear bay
    Mars.JPG 424.3K
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    Just discover the transform tools in UDK3, in the future its good to note that you can make half of an object and then mirror it if its high poly or has many repetitions.

    Not sure how it works in unreal engine, but in other softwares ive worked with you can up preformance a lot by using reference objects. i feel this method would cut file size in half for many models that it can be applied to.

    Only making note of this since the transform tool just saved me at least an hour of work on this map, but im sure it can be used to do much more in subtle ways when needed.

    Should be done in 1 or 2 days
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    Picked my next map for once im done with this boeing 747. Groznyj Grad, should be fun.
    Going to slaughter my first map to make it so it doesnt boot everyone who doesnt load it in time when it switches maps on the server.

    Any who this is what i decided to do next, a second re-make groznyj grad. MGS fans seem to be the most die hard ive known, had a few people start playing AAPG just for the UrbanUltimatum re-make. hopefully this brings more.
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