UMMs - Can't Vote on that Map.

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I've got UMMs loaded and voting enabled. The UMMs appear on the Call Vote -> Change Map and Set Next Map dialogs, but if I choose a UMM I get the message "Can't vote on that map."

Voting for regular game maps, like Breach or Siege, etc., works fine.

What am I doing wrong?


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    did you set it in server ini

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    No! As near as I can tell there is no server.ini file in the *official* distribution.

    I set up the MapRotationList and MapVoteList in the AAGame.ini under the [AAGame.AADataStore_OnlineGameSearch] section
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    yeah sorry thats where i meant ,

    we dont actually use map vote ,but as far as i know you set it the same as rotation list
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    This is how it should look if your adding to DefaultGame.ini

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    I have been with a few game server providers and on all of them adding umm's has been the same here is how I add them and they always work...

    First of all find the map on steam you want to add.
    We will go with this great map
    Now look at the number in the url 931627153 copy that number...
    When you have done this go to your game server TCADMIN or cpanel..
    Look for the file named AASteamUGCManager.ini .
    In there you will see





    Under [SteamUGCManager.SteamUGCManager] add this

    Remember to add your map number you want on the server
    ServerSubscribedItems=(IdString=number from steam url)

    So if you adding the map I have linked here it will look like this

    Once you have done this if you want them on vote and or rotation go here

    Configuration Files DefaultGame.ini and add the map name there like this...


    You can find map name on your computer if you have subscribed here
    C :\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\203290

    Try not to use AAGame.ini always use DefaultGame.ini this way it will always add the map you want on and you will see the same maps on vote list and admin panel...

    Remember when you have done this restart your server.....

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