Just started playing, haven't played AA since 2.x

McGruppertonMcGrupperton Posts: 20Player
I saw this was for free on ps4 yesterday, so i downloaded it to see if it was still as awesome as i remember back in the 2.x years.

Overall, I'd say it is, sans the ability to lean on ps4.

I'm hooked again. Now i just need a good headset so i can hear your footsteps better.

However late to the Proving Grounds party I am, good job, devs.


  • -Bruiser^-Bruiser^ Posts: 10Player
    lean and private match ability for competitive gameplay.
  • McGruppertonMcGrupperton Posts: 20Player
    Agreed with both lean and private matches. It's all coming back to me as ive played this new version of AA.

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