1.17 Major Update Errors Listed Here!!!

EntLeaderEntLeader Posts: 1Player
1) Every ones level including mine has been reset to E-1 and resets again after every match! Please tell me we haven't lost all the points and rank we have earned so far?!

2) Until this problem is fixed Will points we get to towards our rank save to our profile's actual rank we should be or is nothing saving as it shows E-1 for my rank?!

3) Also the m4 is being tossed to the ground while shooting or after a kill creating a unplayable experience!

4) Will this be fixed asap please give us eta thankyou.


  • TheTotsTheTots Posts: 2,278Player
    We're aware of the issues and working to get them fixed asap.
    I'm not sure about the stats saving yet, will find out.
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

  • dacoster90dacoster90 Posts: 38Player

    Holosight not showing.
  • KirruKirru Posts: 49Player
    1. Ive noticed that certain servers are setting ranks to E1, thise servers tend to have Devs in those rooms.

    My only issue is im not able to use my Holo on all the maps/servers and I hate not being able to use it.
  • OneEyeTheHardOneEyeTheHard Posts: 63Player
    Bugs are persisting a week in. I haven't seen the "no rank" servers in a while but skins continue to stop applying and the holo sight will still not be applied quite often. Pretty unfortunate
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