Will we ever see official servers return / Facilitating Badmins

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This is an honest question for the Devs and management team at AAPG. Will we ever see an increase in official servers for PC?

I acknowledge that there are a ton of privately rented servers that sit empty 23 hours a day. I also acknowledge that there are some really popular private servers out there. BUT, I'll also acknowledge that there are only a small number of servers that facilitate all play styles.

However, there are far more private servers ran by badmins. They kick you for winning, or because you play suspiciously. There are also a ton of servers with silly rules: servers who force you to revive or kick, no crouching up and down, no hopping around corners, no sliding around corners.

I can respect the "our server, our rules" mindset - heck they are paying customers after all. But their way of enforcing a particular play style limits my ability to enjoy the game, just as my play style limits their ability to enjoy the game. It's more difficult than they think to stop bunny hopping, or not slide/jump around a corner. With 10+ and 15+ years of FPS'ing, this stuff is muscle memory at this point.

So back to my question - will AAPG ever stand up an other couple of servers in NA and EU? If the answer is maybe, what are the parameters we need to meet?


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    Yeah i played on prv server the other day and got ban after1,5 round or played on the other prv server the other day with 16ping got verbal abuse from admin for shooting him and also a ban we need more official servers. especially nowhere to play on the euro server night time except for us high ping servers..also we need one official server based in germany and uk cheers
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    Most of the servers went to PS4. I think it would be great to see a few more U.S. Official Servers but there is 4 of them right now.
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