Mout McKenna anyone?

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Hey looking to relive some ole style AA2? There are a lot of great UMM's and map builders here in this community, and I have seen some awesome new cool maps, as well as some vintage AA2 maps.
One of the maps I really miss is Mout McKenna, there have been one or two listed in the workshop, but I did not see any recent updated ones. So I asked one of my members -[U|S|A]-XtremeDelta who has made a couple really sweet maps to make me an exact replica of Mout McKenna, so he did =) With some help form a few friends.

Now it is still a work in progress, but if you ask me I think it is almost exact, and we invite input from those who remember it all to well. It was in my opinion the best training/noob map of all times!! And one of the only ones as a new player you got to play most times until you got to 10 or so honor to play with the boys/girls!!!

If your like me and want to relive the fun we always had on that map, you can find it here,

We are hosting it here,


Yes, the tunnel is square we could not find any round T's to connect the ones in the workshop, also going to have to make or find a phone booth, don't forget to call your mom on mothers day soldier!!

let us know what you think!!

One day I will graduate noob school!!!


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