PS4 M4 Montage



  • DemonroninDemonronin Posts: 11Player
    Surprised no one mentions the amount of squeekers (little kids) that play this game. Many aren't aware of what they are doing, and just run and gun. Or just run. Like most games they are more interested in talking up a storm than playing. lol

    Easy kills. But like post mentions above, things will even out as those dedicated to this game stays and those passing by leave.
  • TheReichTheReich Posts: 2Player
    znignflo72 wrote: »
    Sinke_HR wrote: »
    Are u playing with KB/M or controller?

    Controller, I have my button assignment on, I swapped the O and L1 buttons

    Nice, I like the default layout better for my game play. Was annoying to watch how you would keep ducking in gun fights.

    Besides that, keep up the flanks. Not many people understand this game and think of it only as an FPS game.
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