[Update 16-08-2017] Riverborder



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    Hi guys

    Updated today with the following :

    Lighting have not been rebuild but will be later tonight......
    Just put it up for testing the swimming feature and i conclude that it's working the way it should...

    1. River made so u actually feel like diving / swimming
    2. Made river sound disappear when go under the surface and then plays the underwater sound
    3. Made 2 waterfalls on the map
    4. When going under the surface blurring will occure....
    5. Weapons can't be fired when under the surface....

    Things needed to be done:

    1. Visually improvements on buildings etc.
    2. More smoothing on river beds..
    3. Full Rebuild ..... Will be done tonight......


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    Update 16-08-2017

    1. Optimised Swimming/Diving/Firing feature...u can now shoot when surfaced but not when diving...

    2. Added damage volume so if ur submerged more than 30sec u will be applied 25% damage

    3. Visually improved map

    4. Added bridges/tunnels over river

    5. Fully Rebuilded.......

    Things needed to be done:

    1. Try to accomplish when getting damage under water that the Postprocess volume does'nt disappear for amount of sec.

    2. Try to figure out and find a solution for weapon firing if jump into the river......
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