Good work devs

Pain-N-PanicPain-N-Panic Posts: 79Player
Over the past few days I've noticed a massive improvement in server stability.

When I first got the game after initial release (after the beta which I did not participate in) it was common for me to join a server with only 5-7 people and no other players would join... Effectively playing in a "dead" server, forcing me to leave and find a more full server. It was also common for me to get kicked multiple times per hour.

Fast forward to today and every game I'm joining is a full lobby that runs smooth through the entirety of the match and continues to run smooth into additional matches.

The amount of improvement to this game in such a small amount of time is pretty ridiculous and it's much appreciated. Only issues I'm continuously running into are players in my party are being put on opposite teams and Homestead is still suffering from large FPS drops during bouts of heavy gunfire and grenades.

AAPG is filling a void in competitive tactical FPS on PS4 that has been left empty in the likes of triple A titles such as cod, bf and overwatch. The simplicity of the general gameplay mechanics is so refreshing and forces a competitive atmosphere amongst players. You will not win because you have better weapons or perks, you will win due to smarter tactics and superior gunplay.

If clan support (mainly private lobbies for gamebattles matches) can get implemented into the game I see AAPG being one of the most played shooters on this platform.



  • KirruKirru Posts: 49Player
    Completely agree, though I would like to see selectable lobbies for all. Even custom creates one's like back in the day on SOCOM.

    Along with the issues you stated, I am still getting a few like "Kick:145" (for being logged in to the forum/site while also being in the game) and "version mismatch" errors (still unsure what this is caused by but a "-1" is a precursor for the error production. I think the hit boxes could be improved also.

    I do have issues with players taking a few pistol shots in the beginning of the rounds which affects my game play due to lower health. And the occasional players of less intelligence who walk in to a thrown grenade and cause me to get kicked.. I'll live though, just hate not having evidence of my 23k and 6d that round haha

    All in all, I have literally been wanting a game like this for a very, very long time. I all but stopped playing my PS4 because I was unable to find a shooter (FPS or 3rdPS) to satisfy my quench of not being able to play SOCOM any more.
  • Archer_58Archer_58 Posts: 12Player
    Lobbies and the ability to make your own room would make this game great.
  • Pain-N-PanicPain-N-Panic Posts: 79Player
    I understand this game has attracted the forgotten SOCOM community (myself being one of them) which is why I hear so much about lobbies. I don't think the devs will ever put lobbies into the's too much of a drastic change to their current match making system. Same thing with 3rd person....this is a FPS, we will probably never see AAPG in 3rd person on PS4. Trust me, I miss the old SOCOM days of lobbies as well....but at the end of the day this isn't SOCOM.

    With that being said, I'm more concerned about custom matches being allowed to be hosted. There's no competitive incorporated ranking system that reflects skill, only time played. I watched a SPC II go 0-7 today lol. Having a mark next to your name that reflects skill is an ego's prestigious.

    If they can make a rip off of how rainbow 6 siege conducts their ranked play it would be awesome. SOCOM2 was the same way. The more wins and kills you had, the higher your rank went. Then if you play a few bad games and lose, your rank suffers the consequences.

    With custom games being implemented it allows for gamebattles matches since there's no in-game competitive/rank(skill) play right now, which I REALLY hope they add....soon. I love this game but I'm too much of a competitive player to just run pubs all night with my buddies. I think the hardcore fans of this game will eventually fade away without their competitive thirst being quenched. Just my opinion.
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    I watched a SPC II go 0-7 today lol. Having a mark next to your name that reflects skill is an ego's prestigious.

    I have had 0-10 not so long ago and now I'm on SFC-IV *hiding*. You will get there not only based on skill but also based on patience.
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  • Pain-N-PanicPain-N-Panic Posts: 79Player
    I'll know I'll get there eventually, which is the point/problem I pointed out in the ranking system. As it stands now, the rank next to each players name is merely a measure of time played. Yes, sure, I get the better you do, the more points you get aka the quicker you'll climb that ladder but it's all relative. The rank next to your name has practically no reflection of individual skill. So that ego thing I mentioned, the prestigious feeling of dominance you get when you load into a lobby with the highest rank or the intimidation you feel when you see opponent team is all higher ranked than you are (a rank earned by skill that is.) That doesn't exist in this game (hopefully one day soon it will.)
  • PRE_-CISION-_PRE_-CISION-_ Posts: 18Player
    I don't think we will ever see ranked matches or skill based structure added into the game unfortunately. Judging by the way things are, it's kind of too late in the development lifespan of this game for that. I'd love a ranked playlist similar to Siege. Or [TOS Violation] an in game clan war system like ghost recon future soldier or socom 4 had would be amazing.

    What we really need are those private matches. The game is able to run on peer to peer... so it should be doable. This alone would be enough for me. As a community we can foster the rest.

    However before they get to that, matchmaking needs to be the number one priority. Which sadly has taken wayyyyyy longer than I have ever imagined. Above all else I want to play this game for a long time to come. There's nothing else like this outside of Siege on console. I want to see it last for a longggggg time. At the same time the competitive scene will only decrease the longer you wait.

    Personally I'd love to play this game competitive. It was my wet dream day one. If that day ever comes I'll be unleashing [TOS Violation] upon you all. The wolves I've got hidden away in my den are hungry to gather for another hunt.
  • Archer_58Archer_58 Posts: 12Player
    Rank is for.....well not for me. My pleasure is teamwork and getting the win. This game comes close to Socom with the intensity of everyone doing their job to get the win. Would be great to have control over a room and be able to allow only the people i want to play with join.
  • Pain-N-PanicPain-N-Panic Posts: 79Player
    I see where you're coming from. Using teamwork and strategy to get the win is no doubt satisfying. However, as of right now, there is no tangible incentive to winning besides merely winning in itself. There's no reward for it besides points at the end of the game that can never get taken away even if you lose in future matches. Plus, getting stuck with bonehead teammates never helps.

    I, and a large number of others in the community, would love to see a competitive or ranked mode in which players fight to obtain ranked level...which can also be taken away if you lose matches and the player will experience a downgrade in rank.

    I'm no programmer and I will not pretend to be one but I don't see the option being added to the game as an extremely difficult feat to accomplish. Several dedicated servers could be designated for ranked play only and stats would have to be recorded from said servers to reflect the rank earned. I'm sure what I said is WAY more difficult than how it sounds though lol.

    I wouldn't even mind paying money for the option if this were to be included.
  • Medic4youMedic4you Posts: 30Player
    Alot of people here r askin4 too much the game isnt even out 4 EU yet probably due to the server issues we gett weekly updates so u kno the Devs r doin Great & r workin hard askin 4 clan stuff & private servers n minor bug fixes or more content like camos or guns has 2 be like the farthest thing on da list i m sure well get all that & maps EVENTUALLY but they hav more pressing issues with the game not workin right my main point is wait 4 the world to hav the game n for the major issues n bugs 2 be fixed b4 askin for things were gettin weekly updates n the Devs respond to questions n quickly & in my book thats very cool & i value all da hard work n effort put in on such a great game
    in otherwords great work Devs i look forward 2 more content n i ll say sry now case i get pissy or inpatient its just alot of us love this game &that blinds us at times jus kno u guys r awesome n i cant wait 4 next update ty again
  • Pain-N-PanicPain-N-Panic Posts: 79Player
    No one is trying to discredit or undermine the incredible work and progress thus far by the devs. Really the whole point of the thread was to highlight such progress in an appreciative manner.

    I don't feel bringing up key features the community is hoping for is distasteful. The devs come to this forum to see what the community has to say about their game.

    The consistent weekly updates have made the game MUCH more stable compared to it's initial release. Once the party system, kick 145 and version mismatch errors get solved, all other issues are extremely minor in nature.

    I believe I speak for the majority of the players on this forum when I say they appreciate the hard work from the devs and their direct involvement with the community.

    When it comes to FPS, especially tactical FPS' such as AAPG, a large player count will want to compete in games more competitive than pub matchmaking. I feel the quicker private lobbies are able to be hosted, the game's longevity will increase along with higher player counts as well.

  • -pR|Arkeiro-pR|Arkeiro Posts: 750Player
    New players, old sugestions. devs get the job done quick!

    Over 1.3k Golden Hawkeyes.
  • xWardawgxWardawg Posts: 15Player
    Yes, good work to this point. I have one silly request. Can we get the gamma slider to save like the other settings. I have to change every lobby I go in to.
    Please lighten up on the Aim Assist!!!
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