Soo much friendly fire at the start of a round!

Frankie_DibbleFrankie_Dibble Posts: 25Player
What's the deal with the people who purposely shoot team mates at the start of each round? I can't think of a more pathetic thing to be doing to your team in a team based game. I've lost count how many times I have been pistoled at the start of a round by some coward in my team standing behind me. I seriously don't understand the logic of some people :(

I think the game would benefit from a system where any friendly fire at the very start of a round gets inflicted upon the shooter instead.
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  • Medic4youMedic4you Posts: 30Player
    Roe if rules of engagement r broken past a set limet they go 2 levanworth prison alot of low rank players find dat out n want to go to see it sum even like it i kno i do but i dont tk jus so i can go anymore usely players shoot others at spawn for sumthing said or done in previous round so try 2 respect er1 heal ur team n if u see ur team shootin dont shot bac & lower ur experience n rank if the team kill anuff they will go 2 jail & wont b bac in ur sever lobby
  • Fara420Fara420 Posts: 11Player
    Need improved the rule
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