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Hey everyone,

So ive been playing this game for a long time (aapg only) , a while ago i was playing in a server (will not mention) and they accused me of "lagging enemies purposely". no proof, no video, not even a ban. basically they were just trying to scare me into leaving by saying that i am "lagging others purposely".

and because of those words, i have people from that server believing the admins (who did not ban me), and making me look bad infront of everyone. because believe it or not, people will believe admins words.

so i have 2 questions for the public

1. what is this lagging others, i heard other variations like lag tapping?

2. is it possible for me to do it in aapg, at first i thought it was a joke because i was playing well, but im guessing its a real thing?

can a dev answer me if possible, so i can use this thread for future reference if people accuse me, so i can show them a dev said its possible/not possible


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    That's not even possible.
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    The mute button is a great tool.
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    playing with very high ping. So have torrent running while playing.
    I did it in AA2 it's worked pretty good.

    In AAPG could make the enemy harder to hit you but is much worse on the player side so wont recommend it.

    Hc|Captain(HUN) -
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    yeah my ping was 30 while playing.

    basically they started saying this because when i went into a new location i would fake going into it, like go into it and back out to see enemy fire. and the admins on the enemy team would say " i disappeared" , and so they think i was lagging them i guess? when in fact its a normal move to do in aapg.

    i still need a possible dev answer so i can stop getting harassed by others for playing a game i like.
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    m_hermann wrote: »
    That's not even possible.

    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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    thanks tots,

    i enjoy this game alot and i do not feel offended at all when people doubt me , but what i do get is hate being harassed for playing the game my way. and accusing is alot different than harassing, and when the accusations turned into harassment i had to make this thread, not to clear my name but also to get more knowledge about this situation.
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    Considering the situation and how it could have elevated, this was a vary smart way to approach getting your answers. K1llum you have always been a good friend and a fair player. I hope this can help you in your situation.
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    If it helps you can direct whoever you need to my way.
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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