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  • SSKnecaboSSKnecabo Posts: 2,721Player
    There are bad players in all regions. Try competing with good NA players and it won't be a "smashing" experience. At least not for you that is ;)
  • [kT]Dominus[kT]Dominus Posts: 85Player
    Yes, the reality is that with CSHD the enemy ping doesn't matter when you are shooting at him. You don't have to shoot behind, in front and directly on him depending on the ping. AA:PG players (U.S.) Believe they know better than the devs and say different every day a foreign player is on the server ,or a player who hasn't proved himself to be from the U.S. Someone who knows better won't change their opinion because.. well, they're from the U.S.
  • [kT]B4DSEED[kT]B4DSEED Posts: 26Player
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    I've played several times in all regions, and definitely higher ping doesn't give an advantage. The laggier I am, the harder it is to get most kills. Everyone in U.S. servers complains about ping giving the guy an advantage when in reality he's just better than them...
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