High sensitivity - suggestions for a new mouse

Hey everyone :awesome:

hope all of you are doing well and enjoying your weekend!

I need some help:
For some time I am looking for a new mouse which fits my game style. Unfortunately all of them i tried the last months do not 'fit'. Why? Well i have a non standard - or lets say non ordinary play style:
- super sensitive (1.200 dpi // 39 in-game)
- i lift the mouse every couple of seconds

For those who can't imagine i made a quick video of my last round:

priority one is that the mouse don't 'wiggle' when i lift em up. Prio two: not too heavy.

So, my questions:
  • Who of you is playing like me?
  • What kind of mouse are you using?
  • What mouse would you suggest?

It would be really really amazing, if you would write a few suggestions in here!

ps.: I will not change my style to play - I'm too old for that but all suggestions are welcome!

Thank's in advance &
Best regards!



  • {M.9}-Arko{M.9}-Arko Posts: 207Player
    I'm not playing that fast but have 1000dpi, 26 ingame.

    I can really suggest my Logitech g502. It fits perfectly in my hand. It's a very good balance between speed, precision and weight. The weight can be adapted, personally I removed all weights, and it's perfect. It has good reachable and enough buttons.

    Hard to recommend, everyone rates a mouse different.
  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,055Moderator
    edited April 2017
    i use a 502 as well, 1600dpi, 6 in game, so not that fast.
    The lift off is not adjustable tho, so there might be some "jiggle" with your playing style.
    (i only lift when i run out of mouse math)
  • |FOX|kozini.pl|FOX|kozini.pl Posts: 91Player
    Most of mices have the option for sensor lift off try that
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