AAPG community team tournament!



  • =IK=.Scooby=IK=.Scooby Posts: 119Player
    Are we allowed to bypass Moss?
    why are you here? your just a pub warrior now.

    Shouldn't you and doba be fondling each other in counter strike?

    I have 2 hands I can fondle with one and type on here with the other.

    Next level strats right there
  • xtopherusxtopherus Posts: 71Player
    If its on Sat, I know like half of our team may or not be able to play.
  • PredictionPrediction Posts: 134Player
    edited March 2017
    cash me outside... how bout dah!!!
  • [kT]Trigga[kT]Trigga Posts: 102Player
    Xtr I was kinda thinking maybe a Sunday? More relaxed and most people like to chillax on sunday.
  • [kT]Dominus[kT]Dominus Posts: 85Player
    Yeah. And you could always have a random roster as well just to be able to participate
  • -vR.cialone!--vR.cialone!- Posts: 121Player
  • Gronfather@TwitchGronfather@Twitch Posts: 466Player
    Are we going to have to use moss? I play better when I don't use it

  • [kT]Trigga[kT]Trigga Posts: 102Player
    We're going to postpone this event until more teams are willing to play. I want this event to be fun for everyone. And having the amount of teams we have now, I feel would not serve justice for the event we are putting together
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