great outdoors us

great outdoors us server is down can we get a reboot.....

also can we get some more outdoor maps on it such as intercept, slums, cold front , ect....


  • FederalsFederals Posts: 24Player
    I agree on more maps because for over a year it's been the same maps over and over.
    Not a brand new player to the community just never used the forums
  • =R*C=Von_Drehle=R*C=Von_Drehle Posts: 10Player
    Thats 3 crashes on a US Official server now within 24 hours. Would any of the Dev's or Server Admins like to comment as to the cause? Seems to me the flood attacks are now starting on US servers.

    I was playing on Great Outdoors last night during the final crash when it didn't come back, and the characteristics of lag on the server before it went terminal were identical to the flood attacks we are getting on Aus servers
  • DrawnDrawn Posts: 170Player
    US server is offline again
  • DrawnDrawn Posts: 170Player
    EUW and US are both down.
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