FGN Season 3 Week 3 Matchups

Twitchr.Carbon8Twitchr.Carbon8 Posts: 337Player
Some teams may have already played their match, some delayed to spend V-day with their anime wife body pillow things..

Mexico v Bye Week
-Mexico will win, but we wont know until 5 seconds after the round is over. Hopefully the CSHD will match up

IK v Send Undes
-This should be a pretty good fight, I have faith in IK though 18-10

i9 v HPX
-Both teams have been scrimming/practicing more than any others. But I think i9 will take this 20-8

312 v Team X
-Team X should have this, but maybe there will be an upset! 22-6

Flintstones v SCK
-The Flintstones have been around a long time, but SCK has some really good shots too. Flinstones > SCK 18-10

3rd ID v Carbon8
-Played last night 3.5v5(technically 4, but bronco and I had a sick puppy that yelped and needed to be taken out every 15 minutes), Won springstreet 10-4, and won Shadowstep 8-6. 3rd ID were great sports though, seem like a bunch of great guys.


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