Headshot Gaming League (HGL)


The objective of creating this league is to facilitate a place for all ages and skill levels of players to play games competitvly for fun, profit, and prestige


The season will be 4 months long games will take place on Saturday for EU & Sunday for US players. Players do not need to create teams to play the league is for everyone and as such is signed up as a solo player. Each player is then randomly drawn teammates done via livestream, each week the day after game players will be matched with new teammates. The random draw will allow for players of all skill levels to be competitive as well as prevent team stacking.

Points & Stats

Each player will be tracked on their solo performance and team performance. Each category will have winners of separate prize pools the point gain and losses are as follows for Solo performance.

Kills = 1 point per
Deaths = -0.25 points per
Assists = 0.5 points per
Round Win = 2 points per
Round Loss = -0.75 points per
Team MVP = 2 points

Giving this formula for point tracking K+A+RW-D-RL=X
At the end of each match the player with the most points for each team will be awarded the MVP points

Team performance points are as follows

Round Wins = 0.5 points per
Round Loss = -0.25 points per
Game Wins With Different Teammates = 2 points
Game Wins With Same Teammates = 0.75 points (This is a precautionary thing should a team with players who have previously all played together get randomly paired again)
Game Loss With Different Teammates = -0.5 points
Game Loss With Same Teammates = -1 Point

Prizes will be awarded at end of season to the players in both solo performance and team performance. Weekly top solo performance and team performance will be awarded HGL Tokens.

Season Start

March 4th and 5th the start of season one will happen. Season one will end on June 11th 2017

4th - EU Start
5th - US Start

Signups open up Monday January 30th 2017 via website which will be online then as well
No team signup single players only you will be randomly matched each week with new teammates


  • [kT]Dominus[kT]Dominus Posts: 85Player
    What will the address of this website be, when it is released?
  • to keep initial costs down and have the funds i would be spending on hosting im using a free webpage hosting site at headshotgamingleague.weebly.com and it will be up tomorrow i have some finishing touches to the site before i release tomorrow to coincide with signups
  • ^MAROFEL.Arkeiro^^MAROFEL.Arkeiro^ Posts: 768Player
    Weird format, but im looking forward to see how it will go, good luck

    Over 1.4k Golden Hawkeyes.
  • Yes it is trying to make something that everyone can play in and doesnt require you to make a full team of people hoping for a good turnout hope to see you there!
  • [kT]Tens0r-[kT]Tens0r- Posts: 14Player
    Will there be an anti-cheat?
  • -XG-OneBulletLeft-XG-OneBulletLeft Posts: 6Player
    edited February 2017
    Sorry I havent gotten back to your post yet been super busy programming the HeadshotCredits currency that will be available on the 13th
    Will there be an anti-cheat?

    I plan on having referees I will definatly look into using an anti cheat on whatever server we will be using obviously time permitting for the start my time table keeps getting shorter and shorter here i will update more on the anti cheat later however on another note we have gotten some good signups and hopefully we can continue to keep getting more for the season. Been working on the prize pool talking with people and such will update with prizes info a little later on so keep an eye open here and on the website Headshotgamingleague.tk

    For Info On The HeadshotCredit Check out the wiki on the website
  • [kT]Trigga[kT]Trigga Posts: 102Player
    Maybe you should postpone it then, having an anticheat is pretty critical.
  • =IK=.Scooby=IK=.Scooby Posts: 119Player
    Nothing stopping you from using MOSS for this, I wouldn't think.
  • Nothing stopping you from using MOSS for this, I wouldn't think.

    great idea thank you for doing the leg work for me :P
  • GunR|DrerexGunR|Drerex Posts: 65Player
    Moss is a pain in the you know what. lol

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