FGN Season 3 Week 1 Match ups

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Season 3 week 1 pickems, Week one is featured on


I9 vs Send Nudes AKA INV

This matchup should be match of the week by a long shot. INV is coming back from a break and with new pickups in zimmy and now revert's eligibility to play, they should be a top contender. Lack of scrimming and playing through inv gives i9 the win 16-12.

IK gets a bye week

Knownthreat vs MX

MX being the new comers at which nobody knows much about but with renegade and gafe to lead the way they could be a decent contender. GLHF 20-8 KT


SCK vs TeamX

Both teams are new comers this season to the open league of FGN. Although teamx ( a second team of Knownthreat ) has some familiar faces to past seasons of comp, neither team has been seen scrimming or playing. If both teams show up TeamX takes the win due to experience 19-9

3rdID vs 312th

Both teams have played previous seasons of competition play, IMO this is the match of the week for open. Althought I dont know much about either team I think 3rd barely takes this one due to more experience 16-12

Carbon8 vs The Flintstones

Carbon 8 reviving its old roots from AA2 looking to be a heavy hitter in comp play this season. The Flintstones being regulars to the AAPG pub world should be a good matchup. 14-14 push


  • =IK=.Scooby=IK=.Scooby Posts: 119Player
    The bye week is a tough opponent but I think we can take them.

    Might actually be able to get a kill vs them.
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    I'll be streaming as long as crap comcast lets me before throttling tonight match. Stream will be at https://www.twitch.tv/noob2point0
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    Scooby lost vs Bye week

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    edited February 2017
    Anyone posting results? I know they are on the FGN site, but for visability.

    It was a great fight, I played like garbage. 2Mbit down 400k up, good thing comcast can lobby to monopolize my ISP selection. Also note it actually was alot closer than it looked, 90% of the rounds it as down to a 1v2 or 2v1.

    Carbon8 > Flintstones 22-6 (10-4 on crapmap, 12-2 on breach)
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    Our match was 13-1 On lockdown and i believe 10-4 on breach in our favor and the i9 game was 16-12 7-7 on breach and 9-5 on lockdown in i9 favor
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    Teamx beat sck im not sure what the score was tho.
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    [kT]Trigga wrote: »

    I9 vs Send Nudes AKA INV

    Only two iNv members are playing with this pug team. The rest have mostly moved on.
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    I...I...I'm alive

    Good to see you man!
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