Usable Images for Gun Skins

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So without the use of Google I think many will give up with custom skins, so hopefully I can help. So I own a custom machine shop and took these images from random objects laying around.. though they might create a decent looking gun skin.

Metal shavings from my Lathe

Rusting piece of material

Dirty welder

Rusty pipe

Worn belt sander

^^ could take better pic of that

Perforated Metal

Rusty bin where I keep scrap metals

Metal guard on Lathe

I see no reason these cant be used.. so unless Tots says otherwise.. go nuts if you chose
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    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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    Nice Doba, trowing a couple of these in a blender can make some cool stuff... You make lives easier this way.. I'm currently making a pattern from scratch for some ACU, Woodland skins. Probably putting it with weapon files when I'm done so every one can make use of that pattern.. Hope to see more of these images coming :pleased:
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    Doba, I thought you left o CSGO.
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    You the man Doba! great idea :+1:

    If it's OK, can we add any unique (self made) images/pictures to this thread? might help keep the forum tidy and a good No.1 source for people to come for any non-copyright, free to use, community made stuff.

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    Go for it Uni !! add away

    Ohh Rokis lel

    Part Of Lathe

    Another part of the Lathe

    @ Uni .. your gold gun, not sure if its useable cause of the image.. here is a pc of Brass it might work ok

    Something green spilled mixed with lathe chunks

    @LD Gaming .. Bark from a large stump I have at work lol.. dont ask why

    Salty cracked Road lel

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    i tried to take some funny pics around the hotel doba, but it just isn't working. those pics look they should be hanging up somewhere for bearded men with buns to look at.

    Would make some cool skins though.

    These are great. Thank you Doba.
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    As a test and so you could see, I put your Lathe shavings and rusty pipe images on the M9 Doba :mrgreen:

    They a little blurred since the stock images are quite low res, unfortunately when I cropped and blew them upto 1024x1024 (half the resolution of deafult skins) a lot of the details were lost :(

    Still cool I think :+1:

    I have made PSD's of a lot of the skin files now, so hotswapping any textures is quite easy and takes a LOT less time.
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    Taking about lathes, I had fun with a lathe when I visited a machine shop a few months ago. Didn't realize how scary it was until I searched "lathe accidents".
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    Full Size -

    ^^^ Free to use, personally taken picture.

    Out of curiosity I took a pic of my kitchen worktop (granite) and skinned the M4 with it, I was probably a little to close to it when I took the snap, but still.. It's a granite M4 :lol:




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    Okay! Now you're just showing off! ;)

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    I have this weird urge to get photos of things and use them :lol: but I'll spare you the "M4 PinkFluffySlipper" (courtesy of my wife) that I also tried :lol:
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