Patriots of Gaming Recruitment / EU and NA

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Patriots of Gaming Recruitment / EU and NA
Community Tag: [PoG]
Location: Global
Platform: PC
Formed: 10/01/2016
Requirements: Must be at least 18 years of age and Must have a mic.

We are a gaming community that supports many different games and we are looking to expand into games that our members bring to us. We as members and people are equal. This community was created by members that had enough of people in leadership positions being disrespectful to other members. This is a community that loves to hear from it's members. We strive to meet every members expectations for a great community. We are fairly new but getting members each day and growing fast. Lots of members from the previous community followed us to a new era! At the moment we have 4 official supported games, America's Army Proving Grounds, ARMA 3, Rocket League and Counter Strike : GO. We don't look at how good you are, we are looking for members that can give something back to the community. There will be regular inhouse tournaments of every crazy thing we can think about, as well as with the other games. So if your looking for a community to play with, feel free to join our website and apply to become a member of a fast growing group.

• Family Oriented, friendly atmosphere
• Strong Leadership
• Clan Medals and Awards
• No Drama, No Cheats, No Crap
• Teamspeak Server for Communication
• Website Discussions and such!

Teamspeak :


  • We are still looking for members!
  • Still recruiting
  • RedainRedain Posts: 1Player
    Hi Bracer, are you still looking for new members? Thanks
  • Redain wrote: »
    Hi Bracer, are you still looking for new members? Thanks

    Yes we are! Sorry for the late response. These holidays were crazy.
  • Check out our new website at:
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    we are still looking for a few good men.. please feel free to stop by and check us out. jump om our teamspeak and chill with us.. lets shoot some peeps!!!! or .. see ya there..
  • -pR|speT.-pR|speT. Posts: 59Player
    Hello guys.

    Since you are an active clan looking for new members, how much more attractive you wouldn't be if you were also competing :)

    I would like to invite you to the TWL League Season 2.

    PTranger Portuguese Rangers Founder
    TWL Teamwarfare Competition Director
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