Weird performance on Recent AMD build.



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    I had the same problem with flashs. I use the i5 6600 and the asus strix amd rx470 4gb. So I think your Problem is the GPU, your CPU.
    But I were nearly able to fix it by Changing the video settings. I set the Option "Anti-aliasing" from "fast approximate lvl 6" down to "fast approximate lvl 5". Furthermore you can try to set" max. Anisotropy " down to "8".
    Its not perfect, but I don't drop below 30 dps.
    I hope I where able to help you

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    p33k? wrote: »
    The real question is why did you do an AMD build with ryzen and AM4 set to release in a month or 2. SMH.

    True. A little premature to do any AMD builds worth spending cash. A whole new world is coming to AMD.

    But also, I disagree with the comments about AMD mix with AAPG. I have 2 rigs:
    1. FX8320 w/R7 360 16gb DDR3 on SSD
    2. A6-6400k, APU no physical graphics card, 8gb DDR3, HDD

    Both run well on AAPG. Yes, the flashbang FPS drop, but minor, and still functional when flashed. I mean, i'm flashed, cant see anyway. So other than that tidbit, which i personally dont mind, and is so minuscule, I have no issues running AMD.

    I actually believe the game, doesn't require much resource. [TOS Violation] i have a P.o.S. Acer V5571 with a busted fan that my 6year old daughter uses for AAPG (yes, yes, why do I let my 6 yr old play? she enjoys it and future hardcore gamer ;P ) But she gets low FPS (17-25) and she's getting kills.

    I'm a true AMD fan, and my opinions on here are truly unbiased when it comes the to performance.
    But I may be a believer in Intel when my $3,300 rig comes in a week.
    i7-6700k water 4.7
    ASUS 6gb 1060
    16gb Corsair DDR4

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