Where do we see from on our player model?

I got shot in the head as it was sticking over a rail (friend recorded it) BUT on my end i was crouched and couldn't see over it. Is the player POV from chest or neck jaw etc

Thank you.


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    The camera is positioned somewhere around the top nose of the player. However (as in every game) if your friend is significantly further away from the railing than you are, he can see you long before you could see him. I think this video explains it in detail:
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    I'm guessing he is refering to the Z direction, which acts the same as what is posted in that video. Good solid info though, and can make you a better play on average if you can learn to leverage it.

    Also note that supported is currently borked, and there are many instances where the supported player can see you, but you cant see him.
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    The closer you get to cover or an object at head height the less you can see.. its a perspective thing. The enemy who shot you may see you even if you cant see him whatsoever.. he may even be at a slighlty elevated position and still not be seen from your perspective, yet he is able to see your whole head.

    Then there is of course "lag" or latency :awesome: ever had the feeling you ducked behind cover seemingly safe and fast enough (before you hear a shot fired) then hear the shot and still die?.. I find that its more prevalent when you play on a high ping server and are suffering delayed reactions, eg.. things like crouching are slow to occur after key is pressed (more noticible when stringing actions such as crouch slide into shooting, or rapidly trying to do the same thing).

    Guess it depends on the gameplay situation and a culmination of things to be able to precisely nail down why you got killed in that instance. I'd guess he could see you and you were to close to the cover infront of you to be able to see him.
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    Also note that if you put your own face up against an object, this same geometry effect is there. It's not just in the game. Put a book right in front of your face with the top edge at eyebrow level. Do you think someone can still see the top of your head? Of course they can!

    Understanding this dynamic of gameplay is HUGELY important in any video game.

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    I understand all that and have watched multiple videos on it, if you say the POV is at eye level then i will have to pay more attention.
    I have heard some games have the camera at mouth level or lower and that would make a lot more sense in this situation. This was a very strange though it felt like i was WELL below cover but my nose and up was visible i was shocked when i saw the video.
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