Someone called PunkBuster

I keep trying to join a round but someone called PunkBuster keeps kicking me out of the game, an this is for every different maps, its the same person who kicks me.
Can anyone help me out?



  • ChucklefaceChuckleface Posts: 25Player
    edited December 2016
    Punkbuster is an anti-cheat system which AA:PG has integrated into their game in an effort to keep hackers and cheaters off the game.

    I would suggest you try reinstalling punkbuster. Simply go to your Control Panel in Windows by right-clicking on the Start Menu and selecting 'Control Panel'. Once the Control Panel is open, click on 'Programs', (it should be located in the bottom left corner of the screen) select 'Uninstall a program' (which is located underneath 'Programs and Features'). Scroll through the list of program until you find 'Punkbuster Services'. Double click on it and select yes if you are prompted whether you want to uninstall it or not.

    Then after it has finished uninstalling you may have to restart your computer, then start AA:PG again and you should see a screen informing you that AA:PG is installing Punkbuster for you.

    Hopefully that will solve your problem. :)

    Happy Holidays!
  • LtTvnLtTvn Posts: 7Player
    OMG, thanks a lot, I thought someone had hacked my account and wouldn't let me on a game, you're a savior man!
    I don't know how to repay you!

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    One day I will graduate noob school!!!

  • ChucklefaceChuckleface Posts: 25Player
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    For the record if PB does kick you it should tell you why you were kicked so you have a better idea why you were kicked. Will be in console if fast enough or logs.
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