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OK so completely new to setting up a server but wanting to give it a shot, everyone I talk to says go lowping so I'll go that way but how many slots do I need/what other info will I need??


  • I personally haven't used lowping, but i hear it's a great service. I have used GameServers, Oneil Online (Oorah Gaming) which is no longer available. And currently using a my personal pc to run server.
    But I would recommend getting the 12v12 slot server. Not much else info to give. Should post more specific questions if you have any like, running UMM (User Made Maps) or how to change server settings like, scripts for welcome messages, changing maps, etc.
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    Dairy I am with LowPing as well and I would be happy to help you anytime with your set up questions.
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    LowPingGS is nice.

    Please make sure your server will be ONLY INNER server. please!

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    Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Also, please check out the guides posted on Steam in the community hub section for the game.
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