New hack I hadn't seen before. Very frustrating.

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I was trying to play a few nights ago and this guy kept shooting into the floor at the start of every round and killing everyone on the other team instantly. I ran into this on several servers and he was even using the same account name for most of the night. I am just hoping this was a developer or beta tester. The most threatening thing to a game is the cheats. It made me question just how well Punkbuster is if it couldn't even stop this blatent abuse. It also causes people to start getting "cheat paranoid" and everyone better than them are "cheats". I love this game and have enjoyed playing it since the beginning. I really hope that more time is put into stopping this. It is easy and well known that you can purchase the cheat software. Are there no way at all to shut down the main site that sells this cheat?


    There is a report function on this website, did you use it?
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    Official server or private server?
    Report it here with all details - servername, playername, time when it happened etc.
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    I'd say 100% not a dev or beta. I've never met one that would, they understand it's toxic.

    Yes, it's illegal, but there are likely jurisdictional issues and not great odds of finding them and being successful. It was big news when Blizzard went after cheat developers largely because of those reasons.
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    I saw a funny one last week. We played Homestead on the official server for outdoor maps EU. Last round of the match, my team was trying to find the last enemy, when he shot two or four of us, and I was next to my team players and realized the red enemy dot, where it came from. At the end he was on a tree, but we got got him, everybody was just laughing ;-).
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    They are using the CSHD, use SSHD. Problem solved.
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    LDGaming wrote: »
    They are using the CSHD, use SSHD. Problem solved.

    Developers have said the game's built for CSHD. It plays better that way. Don't force everybody to have crappy reg all the time just in case some guy comes in with a blatant cheat.
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    As Saccho said report these guys to abuse and we'll get them. As far as the hack goes, it's a cheap trick that our programmers are already fixing.
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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