iNvaders Update + EURO Trip Pics

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Where has iNvaders been? Here's an update for those who may be interested. After our FGN championship victory against dcg, we started planning our next iNvaders meetup. We wanted to keep our yearly tradition going, so we initiated the planning, and ideas started rolling. At first, we decided everyone would come visit me in Florida. That quickly changed, with our summers consisting of spotty weather with a lot of rain, we crossed that idea off. However, better things were soon about to happen.

After some weeks of back and forth, we decided on the unexpected. Rokis, Necal, two great friends, and myself, decided to travel abroad, across Europe for 25 incredible days.

The list includes Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin, and Stockholm in the biggest iNvaders trip to date. We ran through airports, hiked through wilderness, swam in the Baltic, partied all night, and made great new friendships.

Never in a million years would I have thought i'd meet such a likeable group of people in this little game, but there it is. While the whole team couldn't come along, we were sharing photos and stories with them the entire time. We're already planning our next adventure here in Florida.

As for AAPG, after a LONG absence, we're being slowly reeled in. We tried other games but, there is only one AA game and nothing ever truly fills that niche. I suppose this is a good opportunity to introduce zimmy to the team. He's meshing really well with us, and while we've not had any sort of scrim or practices, we've already been banned from enough servers to know it'll work out. Can we convince our Canadian comrade Revert to join us on these adventures? Only time will tell.

You can still find us on our TS or get more frequent updates on our FB page Now, here's a handful of pictures from the trip. Hope you enjoy.

DZADragon, our buddy Evan, and Rokis hanging out in the redlight district in Copenhagen

Posing in Prague

Standing in front of the Brandenburg GateĀ in Berlin

Amsterdam must-do

Having some beers in the hostel, Amsterdam. Necal & Rokis.

Coldest water ever experienced, two-hours from Stockholm in a little town named Gavle

Doing what we do best. Dusseldorf, GER

Enjoying the view, Necal & DZADragon
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    It was an awesome trip. Good people of Europe, so friendly, except for pick pockets in Belgium. Also they need some work we caught all 3 times they tried.
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