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Few things on my mind:

1. Now that the latest umm comp maps have released when is the next umm competition. (but its only been a day... so what dont waste time )

2. Is it finally time for actual content like gun attachments, guns, skins etc ??

3. Sunday player peak was higher than Mondays new map Patch release.. #sad

4. How can we make this game more fun? cause its soo stale atm.

5. Why is the forum so Dead.. rhetorical question.. we all know why

.. and GO...
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    I'm assuming these questions are for the Devs, but I'll give my own input even though you didn't ask for it!

    1. Probably a couple months, I dunno.
    2. What other attachments are needed? More guns? More skins could be cool, I agree with you there.
    3. Some of us don't get to hyped about the new maps. Personally, I'm one of those players that primarily sticks to Inner Hospital so when I found out there were new maps out, it didn't exactly make me want to jump on and give them a try.
    4. Making the game more fun. That's a tough one, the game play is a bit lacking when you compare it to other games, but I almost always have fun when I'm playing the game simply because I don't play the game for the super awesome game play, I enjoy playing because of all the friends I've made on the game. Sure it's nice to get a golden hawkeye every now and then but that's not what I think makes the game fun. Choking out one of my clan mates makes it fun! LOL
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    1. Hoping this generates more competition in general.

    2. I don't foresee any accessories incoming. But thats just me. I would love to see some components they dropped from aa2 thouGh.

    3. As far as players. Could be the combination of a weekend, players not on Facebook page or the official forums. I did see a number of people on my friends list play early last night. I think the community has been dwindling for a while and doesn't surprise me that people may take to a different game than AA on average, even with new content.

    5. I think it is up to the community to try and bring life into this game. Including the different leagues. Its a tough balance to please aa2 players/comp but expect the pug stars to stick around for more casual mechanics.

    5. Dead forum is dead. Lol. I actually am surprised how often I see posts. Although a number are filled with complaints.
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    The answer to all has gotta be "coming soon".

    It's the only answer.
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