Cannot submit chat

-Turrican--Turrican- Posts: 55Player
Since the new patch I can't submit my typed text in global or team chat. Is there a special button for that, that I might have disabled by accident in the settings or is this a bug?

I can type text but enter doesn't work.


  • [CLS]_SgtMac[CLS]_SgtMac Posts: 199Moderator
    Make sure you didn't accidentally assign enter key to some other action in-game.

    Have not seen this reported anywhere else.
  • -Turrican--Turrican- Posts: 55Player
    I guess that is the problem. I had it assigned to some other action. But there is no action like "commit chat" where I can reassign it to the correct action again. Or is there?
  • -Turrican--Turrican- Posts: 55Player
    edited October 2016
    I'm stupid. a simple "restore defaults" restored the functionality.

    and "open text chat" is most likely the action i was looking for.
  • [NfL]ArisTocraT[NfL]ArisTocraT Posts: 7Player
    Assign "Enter" to Open Text Chat command
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