FGN Week 1: Picks/Predictions

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FGN Season 2 is upon us. Tomorrow starts Week 1 of the AAPG Fall 2016 Season for the AAPG comp community. While we've lost a few notable players, the majority of teams make their return for 'Merica and the support of this game. We start this season with 10 teams ready to throw down again, and only time will tell if all 10 stick it out once the bullets and nades start flying.

To the picks!

=IK= vs 3rdID:
I've said it time and time again, 3rdID is one of the gamest clans to play AAPG. The realism clan brings a high level of sportsmanship and comradery from the pub servers over to the comp scene. These traits continue to make this team shine in my eyes, even when their record does not. They have continued to play the best squads this game has to offer and keep coming back for more. Any team that shies away from competitive play could use a lesson from 3rd ID. Hoping to see some improvement this season from them.

Iron Knights is one of the hottest teams in the game at this stage of AAPG. Their roster is stronger than last season, with the addition of Scooby and the resurgence of Juggernaut. A scary lineup of skill and attractiveness will make IK a feared team for most everyone: Doba, Wonks, Robert, Juggernaut, Scooby, RagingEvil, ElJefe. All skilled, all ugly. Any of the 7 could find themselves in the lineup from week to week as Juggernaut was MIA last season and Robert routinely sleeps for days at a time.
Pick: IK

DA vs fc:
I remember playing in my AA2 days and heading over to the DA server when I wanted a challenge...or when I needed my fragrate to drop. Their roster was stacked up and down, and a quick look at their old AAOTracker shows the history behind Disciplined Aggression.

Fight Club made some roster moves this season and picked up Inferno (nF, SSDD). The pick-up rattled a longstanding member or two from the team itself, and we'll see if the addition pays off. If you've never had the opportunity to play some pubs with fight club, you're missing out on some serious fun.

Two teams that could/should find themselves potentially fighting for a top 5 spot, I'm excited to see how this one pans out. I predict this one is going to be tight, and I lean slightly in one direction due to recent gaming activity.
Pick: Fight Club

HPX vs GunR:
No stranger to controversy, HPX enters the season as a renewed force by (re)gaining Blitz as an eligible competitor. This team will easily be top 5 and should pose a real challenge all teams up and down the league. Can their shots get hot and stay hot as they move through the season?

Gun Runner returns to FGN Season 2 looking to build on their comp chemistry and progress from last season. GunR is a good group of guys, however I don't think they stand much of a chance this week taking on HPX.
Pick: HPX

Don't Care Gaming vs Ice Nine:
i9 makes their FGN debut with some new players on the roster. With minimal time to establish chemistry, i9 hopes to see things come together quickly, as their first match-up is no warm up.

Don't Care Gaming is not the dc^ of old, but still boasts a solid line-up. m5 of last season had sex with dc^ and we got the roster that'll make up dcG this season. With players of both rosters coming together for one team competitively for the first time, dcG will also face a bit of a chemistry challenge despite having a little more time to meld than the i9 additions.
Pick: N/A

Angry Birds {4F} vs Nine Eleven ^911:
DeadlyGrouse leads {4F} into Season 2 with hopes of competing with some of the best. Wild Bill is one of the best players in Season 2, and with his help this team will always be able to compete. Other 4F members have been finding their way into scrims and pugs over the last few weeks, and they're going to need all the experience they can get taking on on 911.

911 has some firepower in their lineup as well. Sicarius, TribalWolf, Rabbit (formerly nF.Evan), QuickShot and Bubba make for a formidable team each week. With only 5 players on the roster however, ^911 runs the risk of playing a man down week to week. The key to their victory is going to be to kill DeadlyGrouse.
Pick: {4F}

=IK= vs 3rdID ... IK
DA vs fc ... fc
HPX vs GunR ... HPX
DCG vs i9 ...
{4F} vs 911^ ... {4F}

GL HF! >:) >:) >:)


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