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    Next version, (if there is one) should just be developed and released, no public beta period, no opportunity for general players to shape the game.. just kinda just get what we'd be given. Too many people have put onus on the past games, used them as a measuring stick against a modern FPS.. when we really should have been looking to the future. People are stuck in that past, frantically trying to get it back.. the feels they used to get, that community and togetherness.. But imagine it.. AA2 if never released before was released tomorrow exactly as it was, I predict it would be a flop, people would laugh at it. The only thing AAPG is guilty of is being a modern FPS. It don't suck.. it's just not the beloved AA2.

    It's not fair to compare AA2 if released exactly as it was on it's old UE 2.5 engine. If you released AAO 1.0 on a modern engine today, would it fair well? Probably not. Although it could have with the rate of updates that the original game had. If you released AA 2.8.5 (or whatever your favorite version was) on a modern engine with all of the features that it had after years of development would it flop? I think it'd be quite successful actually. That game had more or as many features as a lot of AAA releases.

    Either way, the AA2 influence is stuck on this franchise. If they want a popular AA5 it either needs to be extremely similar to that game or they have to find a way to do something completely different AND blow AA2 + nostalgia out of the water.
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    Unfortunately, AA:PG in it's current state feels is too generic. There doesn't seem to be that intensity in the gameplay.
    This is what AA2 encapsulated and why it is still talked about.
    IMHO, games like Insurgency, R6:Siege and Squad should be looked at for inspiration. In their own ways, they manage to bring intense firefights and 'oh crap, what now' moments.
    I think the bones of AA:PG are great and have a lot of potential but AA:PG needs to set it's self apart from the bang bang pew pew shooters.
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    My bad I thought it'd be fair if you asked 99% of the community that have pined for it, for years.. as for them it was apparently a better game even if it was on an old engine, at one time it was all about re-skinning the same mechanics for modern day. I honestly don't think that's enough.

    We're no longer them blown away teenagers going through the wonders of TS.. with the staying power of sitting through 30 minute training sessions and monotonous hard to pass hide and sneak minigames before being able to play a game online with our favorite guns anymore. Games have to be almost instant, jump in and play.. action packed and crammed full of features to hold even slight attention, there are not the same mindsets as there was being a gamer years ago, there's no patience, no give.. I have children, they pick up and drop games constantly and it's not only people or generations that are changing, the games themselves are. People would rather swear at each other.. rather than be congratulatory these days. It's completely different now and you might say us hardcore 'aging' fans still here are simply unwilling to move on with the times, I get it in some ways.. because I'm one of them and were only getting older :lol:

    That's how I see it anyway.. a game today is either good or it's not.. it's even harder if it's free as it's branded poor before given a chance.. in any case one generally moves onto another game of a similar ilk within weeks anyway, does anyone honestly believe the massively popular days of AA2 can ever return where thousands upon thousands of people choose to stick around for years build communities and play happily because a game is awesome and just like an AA2 from the turn of the century, when most people who play games were not even aware of such a title as they were busy cursing their buddies on COD on an xbox 360? If that's to happen, they have to target the youth and their needs and wants, not those who want and believe in the grandad that is AA2.

    I suppose that's whats not fair.. OR maybe I'm just wearing my grumpy old man pants today :lol:

    (Well aware was said with a sig of AA2's legendary M4 Sopmod.. haha!)

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    I think you don't give the average PC gamer enough credit. The most popular PC games right now are those that have extremely high skill curves (e.g., Dota 2, CS, Rocket League). While it's not necessarily sitting down and training, it's many hours of getting your butt kicked over and over again and constantly learning to get better.

    Also, I can take a game like Rainbow 6: Siege where you're forced to do training missions in order to unlock the Operators before going online to play (unless you want to random as a generic operator). OK, maybe doing target practice in order to unlock sniper training is not as fun as a simulated mission with AI that R6 does. However, maybe that's the better more modern way of going about it. Making training more engaging and fun by throwing players in live environments against AI while some one is in your ear teaching you how to do these things and explaining how the Army does it. Also allowing players to play without it, but at a disadvantage.

    People are willing to invest thousands of hours into a game that they love. Especially when players have dreams of competing in tournaments and winning money (even if most don't). With Dota, a big part of the lure of the game is watching tournament matches with crowds and huge cash prizes. When you open up Dota the front and center screen are big matches and tournaments complete with commentary... and guess what? Tons of people watch and root for their favorite teams even if they've never played in a tournament in their lives.

    Would a game like AA ever have that? Maybe at a much lower level at best... I mean most don't. In any sense, I think we get too caught up in the whole casual vs. hardcore gamer. People playing games on their PC tend to be hardcore gamers whether they pub or play comp or whatever. PC gamers tend to be more loyal to their games and stick with them for years unless they have no longevity (which many don't).
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    I'm with the old people as well, but I think there is room to build a much more massive community. Other games do it today with all the options and diversity. Sure, I get that might not last, but in some cases it does. It's about the WOW factor and the support behind it. When I accepted the NDA for AAPG, there was a lot of enthusiasm from the developers. There was plenty of feedback attributed to making the game great, but I guess the resources aren't there for those things to happen. In any case, AAPG and the team working on it now doesn't produce that. It's like AAPG is a project that's purpose is just to build a simple, atypical FPS that is stable (room for argument on that front it appears). Is something or someone holding them back? That we'll never know.
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    Teenagers and young adults should be.. (and as harsh to us vets as it might sound) the real target audience for AA. It can't be easy to make a successful game that is exciting and attention grabbing for both young or old people, especially when competing titles have all manner of fangly features and massive dev budgets. I highly doubt AA can ever go too far with regards to such things.. and it will more than likely be due to limitation/red tape and hoops of being developed by an Army and lets not forget the fact they have to work on multiple projects. They're probably better at juggling than game development :lol:

    If they can make a game in the future that ends up becoming even half as big as AA2 was at its peak.. then great! I can only wish them good luck! I could probably live with a re-skinned up to date version of AA2, I don't think it would really bother me.. I just have a feeling it still wouldn't be or feel the same even if they went down that route.

    I can't say with any certainty why AAPG has not been seen as a particularly good game to some people, from what I've read over the years it's for varying reasons, sounds, certain features, changes that have been made to name a few.. heck I can pick fault and there are things I don't particularly like about the game but I've gotta be honest and say I've enjoyed playing it on the whole (spare time permitting lol) and imo, long may it continue, oh and of course have always enjoyed participating and chatting with all you guys in the forums :mrgreen:

    We all share something, we want what we think is for the best, even if its things that are variable in nature and we have the odd clash of heads.. we all shoot for the same team right? that's why we are here :+1:

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    I'm sure I'm not the norm, but I'm only 22 and I generally agree with the comp player view of things. I loved beta and thought it was mostly going in a good direction.

    Rocket League is a great example of something with an extremely high skill ceiling (even the best of the best haven't fully plumbed its depths) that is super popular. I think that can be done with AA5 - hopefully there will be one - if the cards are played right.
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    Now all the hijackers have hopefully finished going off topic I will ask again dev's.
    Is there any chance you can give us at least a weeks notice before you release any update in the future.
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    We've had sit reps in the past, although they got away from that, we usually know when a patch is about to be released.. and it's always been ~28th day of the month ..

    Which means I would expect the 3 new bdx maps and minor bug fixes to come out in approximately 10 days.. there you just got the update..happy?
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    As soon as there's something we're ready to put out we will, don't worry! We don't like talking about things too far ahead of time as so much changes in the development process.
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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    Is the next patch going to be new content, bug fixes, or both? And any ETA, even just the month would be nice. July was the first month without a monthly patch a while... getting antsy. lol
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    Be careful what you ask... content often means new maps, not new features.
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    Whiplash27 wrote: »
    Be careful what you ask... content often means new maps, not new features.
    Sadly, yes. :(
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