Concrete Jungle Map Contest: Winner #3!

Our third and final winning slot goes to Jungle Trash & Furious II by Fg.L@lOoZe! This is a great looking map. It is clear a ton of time and effort went in to making this map shine. There is also fun gameplay to be had here. The objective layout, combined with additional corridors and paths throughout the map, result in some very mobile encounters, many of which are close range. It is a very action packed map! Congratulations to Fg.L@lOoZe on a job well done!


  • -=[DISF]=-Max-=[DISF]=-Max Posts: 249Player
    congratulations Fg.L@lOoZe! , a great talent, excellent map!!!! =)
  • Fg.L@lOoZeFg.L@lOoZe Posts: 20Player
    Waouw! I'm really surprised because I made this map in one week (My first map is bugged) and I don't really do all I want but I am happy to participate in the development of the game.
    Thanks & Cheer!
  • EJtheKEJtheK Posts: 105Player
    Congratulations! I really like the visual polish on this map.
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,618Beta Tester
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    Congratulations! Nice work! This map will be a great addition :)

    I'd also like to say that these contests are good for the community. Thanks, Devs! :+1:

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  • RedBaron64(ITA)RedBaron64(ITA) Posts: 173Player
    Congrats m8, a very awesome map... :)
  • [ENG]Uni-Sol[ENG]Uni-Sol Posts: 3,193Player
    Love your map Fg.L@lOoZe, so much attention to detail and certainly has a WOW factor.. congrats!

    Cracking Top 3, looking forward to playing them all :)
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  • SacchoSaccho Posts: 1,577Player
  • Root-AccessRoot-Access Posts: 510Player
    This map is very interesting looking. I can't wait to play it!


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  • {RR}-Maclobster{RR}-Maclobster Posts: 218Beta Tester
    congrats on the map
    (\/) (',,') (\/)
  • =groundHog==groundHog= Posts: 43Player
    Very nice detail. I have not played it yet but look forward to giving it a whirl! Nice job and congratulations.
  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
    late but congratulations from me too
  • Fg.L@lOoZeFg.L@lOoZe Posts: 20Player
    Modtools wrote: »
    late but congratulations from me too
    Thanks my friend! :)

  • NoNoKill3rNoNoKill3r Posts: 2Player
    Great job bro !
  • daffy68daffy68 Posts: 1Player
    Nice Fg.L@lOoZe , bien joué .
  • PhilippovichPhilippovich Posts: 218Player
    Good job Lalooze
    NoNoKill3r wrote: »
    Great job bro !

    sis* :)
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