[Testing Needed] FLO Supply Post Activate

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Here is my map! I worked on this map originally when the game was still in beta but I just recently decided to republish it for the new version. I plan on adding things to the map as well as polishing it up a bit so please feel free to leave feedback!

Fixed the upload issue! Map now has a new name as well!



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    An error was encountered while processing your request:

    That item does not exist. It may have been removed by the author.

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    Indeed. When I tried to update the file it all went through *fine* but then when people subscribed to it they would only be able to download the old version. Currently working through the process of re-submiting it and once that is done I will edit the original link. Sorry about that!
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    Make sure you only have the one map and metadata file in the folder you publish from, and make sure your World Properties has the right file name. :+1:

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    Thanks for the tip. I'll try that and hopefully it will stop spitting errors at me :angry:
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    weve played it on beer me its huge and with a 16 min round time , it needs a few tweaks
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    16 minute round time? By default it should be 4 minutes until testing is over. I tested it on another server and the round is set for 4 minutes there so I'm not sure why it's doing that. I will take a look.

    Suggestions for changes? I would like to refine it and add/remove anything that makes the map less enjoyable for the majority of players. Rest assured, those large empty spaces will eventually be filled with obstacles/cover, I'm just trying to get a feel for player reaction at the moment :)
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    Make sure your default time limit is set to 240 (60 * 4). That should fix your time issue.
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    My first impressions with just a run around.

    1. Snipers paradise. If that's what you're going for, then it is what it is. Otherwise, make the corridors tighter and add more cover. The sight lines are really huge in this map. Almost every battle will be very long range. If you don't have a scope, the map will not be very fun.
    2. That tower at the top seems to serve no purpose except for sniping. If you're going to have that tower, first off make a way to get up there besides climbing a ladder (i.e., stairs or a hill) and second put an objective up there so that there's a reason to go up there besides sniping.
    3. The tower is extremely high up. Maybe lower it a bit?

    I didn't really examine the layout much since I was overly concerned with those things above.
    You joined the world's greatest army to become a graphic artist? Outstanding!
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    More things will be added in the open areas for cover and whatnot. As far as sniping goes, the sight lines are approximately half the distance from one end of the structure to the other, with the fog volumes higher to obfuscate them a bit. When additional cover is added I think it will be less of a problem since it doesn't seem to be overly advantageous from the play-testing I've seen so far. There are two sniper vantage points spaced proportionately on both portions of wall in which players are able to traverse the entire length of the top of the wall. The wall also has 3 points of entry, all of them being accessed by the same length of ladder. One of the entry points is easily accessible by Defenders, the other two are more accessible by attackers with the spawns as they are. The same can be said for objectives, one can be quickly reached by Defenders but is rather open to being overtaken, one is pretty much equidistant from either spawn and can be accessed quickly by both teams, and the other is more quickly accessed by attackers.

    I won't be putting an objective anywhere near the top because that eliminates the point of the layout. It would be OP for the defending team to simply all go up and camp out one objective. I will be making a short demo video of gameplay on the map to give a better idea of what I am saying :grin:
    Thank you for your feedback!
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    fog doesn't work ,they just drop their gamma ,then they see you across the map
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    fog doesn't work ,they just drop their gamma ,then they see you across the map

    Valid point, although adjusting the gamma doesn't extend the line of sight by a full 100%.

    From play-testing that I've been involved it, it seems that snipers CAN find good spots to camp out and pop people but usually only if they are able to make it through the other team's line which I think is a fair wager for them to have to make.

    Upcoming additions will include more cover and a few adjustments to the inner paths which should make the wide open spaces less of a problem.

    Thanks for the feedback! :)
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