Map Spotlight: Ghost Rider and Hostile

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This is actually the second contest Top 10 for =[SK]=Ronniii*DK’s map Ghost Rider. In the Great Outdoors competition we praised the layout of the map saying the playspace was a pleasure to navigate. The problem the map had was with theming as it really struggled to hit the “Great Outdoors” feel we were looking for. Ghost Rider doesn’t have that problem this time around. It is a great fit for the Concrete Jungle theme and its small size works well for BDX. The map has a great ‘jungle gym’ feel to it. There are dozens of places to climb or hop up on, allowing players to discover new sightlines and angles. The small size of the map helps to keep everyone involved in the action even when they are trying to discover new aspects of the map.


Hostile by Keebler750 strives to combine two different types of gameplay into a single map. A relatively sprawling village space makes up the majority of the map while a towering building sits in the back portion of the map. Objectives sit in both of these areas allowing attackers to decide if they want to take the street shootout approach or the building siege approach. In addition this tall building serves as a nice point of reference throughout the level and a good vantage spot for defenders.
The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.


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    love keebs idea of an african town.
    ronniii`s map is cool too.

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    Im sure there were other comments here ?
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    Not possible to diminish the exemplary work of = [SK] = Ronniii * DK who emulated the style of a more complex Intercept, personally love maps with buildings, and from the little I've seen so far map of Keebler is fantastic.
    Anyway great job to both boys!
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    Congrats! Map looks interesting. Can someone tell me on which EU server can i play this map?
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