[Beta] Academia VIP

EJtheKEJtheK Posts: 105Player
I've posted a VIP version of Academia on Steam.


VIP is allied with Mechanical Room team. VIP spawns in classroom near Science Lab with only a pistol. Weapon pickups are available in i) Science Lab Storage ii) Washroom Lockers iii) Mechanical Room Balcony. VIP extract is doorway at end of kitchen corridor.

This is a beta version and needs some server testing. Please provide any feedback on gameplay, spawn and extract locations. Thanks.


  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,607Beta Tester
    Nice, EJ! :)


    This has been a test of the emergency flame-fest system. Please do not adjust your set.
  • EJtheKEJtheK Posts: 105Player
    Played a few rounds with a half full server. VIP extract is doable, but tough. Will look at alternate locations and/or a variety of extracts randomly selected.
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