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    May we have an updated 'idiots' guide to UMM hosting, please.
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    Thought I had it. Mixed Success.
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    Ok, after many many many Deletes/Re-Installs, I think I got it.

    This is for hosting. Should be compatible with others

    You need an FTP Client to access your America's Army Files on the server. (I use Smart FTP Client)
    Open it and connect to your FTP server (will be in your Server Info on the website you rented from)

    Once there, goto your SteamApps/Common/America's Army/AAPG/AAGame/Config/AASteamUGCManager.ini (server side) Note* I did this to my PC file also.

    Edit that like so:




    Where you see the ServerSubscribedItems=(IdString=ADD MAP ID HERE)
    Need to goto Steam Workshop to get Map ID's. <-How-To get Map ID's

    can add as many as you want. Best to do like 2 at a time.

    save the UGC.ini file
    and restart sever.

    Then play 2-3 Matches (Maybe More) on your server on Regular maps, and hopefully they will be downloaded and ready to play with everyone.

    *once maps are downloaded, you will see them in your Admin Console in game.

    Major Credits to -SD-Delton & {IRISH}Fries
    i7-6700k water 4.7
    ASUS 6gb 1060
    16gb Corsair DDR4

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    btw, here's a more up-to-date link:

    I'm trying to just setup a lan server so I can test in a server environment and I'm still having issues finding my maps when I join as admin. All I see is the regular map list even though they aren't part of the map rotation that I defined in aagame.ini

    EDIT: I got it. Seemed that the AASteamUGCManager.ini was getting overwritten with blank. I locked it as read only and it worked.
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