Cannot join a team stuck in action camera

Whenever I launch my game up I have to login every time.
And when I want to join a server I am able to get in but I cannot choose a team or autopick.
Its seems like nothing responds besides the main menu button and exit.

Would be cool to get this fixed,


  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,612Beta Tester
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    There's another thread on this topic where people are having the same issue. I don't know of a solution yet. They've been trying different stuff in there....

    Good luck! :(

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  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 653Moderator

    Please delete the contents of My Documents\My Games\America's Army Proving Grounds\AAGame\Config
  • -Merc.Chr!$-Merc.Chr!$ Posts: 6Player
    It doesn't help!
  • -{XL}-It''sCrosser!-{XL}-It''sCrosser! Posts: 61Player
    I too have had this problem since the last update. I solved by verifying the integrity of game cache (Steam> Library> AAPG> Properties> File Locations). Lose 5 minutes and the problem should get back in place.
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