Most (if not all) clans have a server, right?



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    All the while they (the ISP) should have remedied the problem instead of you having to buy hardware at your expense....
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    It is almost guaranteed to be a problem on your computer with a program locking down that port. You should not have to port forward or do ANYTHING to ports to play. Only firewalls and antivirus should have to be configured.


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    ok... tracked the modem.. it was delivered to my USPS today (ups dropped it at usps... uhhh...), though it didnt get delivered. I said to myself, "self, aw [TOS Violation] no". I drove up and talked to a guy who was nice enough to go find it. Got it, got home. Hooked it up.. along with the new router.. buncha [mod edit] going on - nothing is working. Phone call to Mediacom (told the tech, his name is John, I talked to - download and play this game! he sounded excited!) about 30 mins in, modem now works....router is kinda spotty and nothing is helping me to actually admin (change stuff.. dunno [mod edit] is goin on there) the router/modem. It is all up in the air. I can't really do anything within the router set up... weird.

    Trying to config and set it all up... decided.. [TOS Violation] it. Logged into AAPG..... selected a server..

    Did it have a 7778 port?


    Yes it did.





    (the guys from 1. something will remember me spammin that =)
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    ehh. .. ok .. some crazy rubber banding is goin on. I keep losing voice chat....
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    however.. i am able to connect to servers using port 7778... WOOOOOOOOOOOT. Also, I am drinking at this point.
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    so.. i guess it was an issue with the modem/router that mediacom gave me that i paid for and used for so long.....
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    welp.. i can get on servers now using port 7778 ... i am now doin some crazy rubber banding...
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    Glad you can now join!
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