How to get custom sounds working or USE and Create AKBanks AKEvents?

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Dear DevTeam,
i have one big question every mapper will ask after a bit of time.

There is a problem with the old soundcues or WAV soundnodes.
If you place them and toggle them ingame they are only working in the first round and after teamswitch.
In all other rounds there seem to be not present.

Also first question, what causes this bug and how can i solve it.

Other thing.
You did implement the AKBanks and AKEvents.
Is there a way to create own AKBanks or AKEvents for custom maps as a Mapper.

Gz your Modtools

pictures of my kismets will follow
and here the mineskismet


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    Certainly something I have been working on and having issues with. I understand how to use the ak banks and ak events, have finally got those working in my maps using the assets already packaged in the official maps. However there are often other sounds we want to create or add that simply isn't already in the game.

    When using the UDK sound engine, there are always bugs. Have tried several work arounds such and making toggle nodes in kismet with game stage events, often times these will only work for 1 or two rounds, or every other round. I am sure there is something that needs to be done that perhaps is beyond my comprehension here. But I know several mappers also have these bugs with UDK sound engine.

    If there was a way for us to import our own wwise files into our packages, that would probably solve all of the issues. Of course, then I would have to download wwise and start playing with that too ;)
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    Some people spend two weeks getting the lights good on their maps.. I spent two weeks trying to figure out how to get a touch trigger to toggle a simple clicking sound, that would be operable each the time a player touched it, basically a toggle off/on. Got it to point where it continually clicked like a machine gun (very undesirable), even where it actually worked in the editor.. but not online (also undesirable). So yeah, I never quite figured out how to make it work properly, no matter what I tried, looking back that was a lot of hours I sat here and spent on something relatively insignificant that had no impact whatsoever on the map or gameplay :lol:

    I shaved off my hair to save myself from grabbing it and pulling hard. I could do it easily with soundcues (the old way) but I'm stubborn and was determined to 'get' the new way. I read the Wwise for dummies, consulted with fellow mappers.. In the end I just gave up and admitted defeat.

    The button is now silent.
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    For buttons, I use the redline elevator cue. Here is how I have it implemented:

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    Don t Waster your time i have tried for months they have removed the ability to make them work , and from what ive been told user made sounds code has been removed from editor , they will work at the start and at switch but after that nothing . I have tried every kismet combination i know and still no luck . i even pulled all my sounds into Wwise engine ,created banks and sound node but dun dun dun ...... They removed the ability for us to import Wwise also lol .I honestly dont know why they would do this to us but i dont know why they disable and wreck a lot of stuff with this game , someone has the answer good luck getting it though
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    perhaps cantu did find a solution. He told me how he did circumship the problem.
    It s made with soundcues. The new Wwise Sounds cant be imported anymore -.-
    I will make a tutorial map if i have the time :-)
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    Hey Mod....I must have misunderstood your Steam message. I didn't realize you meant the old game audio. Ya...I thought that was the fallback system for mappers to use custom sounds!

    So THAT'S why my Custom Briefing Audiio only worked the first round!!!!


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    Yeh i figured out how to use custom sounds and some more.
    Here are the results.
    I decided to make a tutorial and a map containing the tutorial kismets and some animations.

    So hope this will help.
    here is the Thread link

    GZ your modtools
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