How do we combat mouse scripts?

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Mouse macros, mouse scripts. They ruin PC FPS gaming. They've been prevalent in the FPS community for years. In a game like AAPG, you generally know where everyone is. Obviously, using this technology to alter your recoil gives you a massive advantage.

How the heck do we combat this as a community?


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    He means we can't combat this as community.

    9 out 10 times a macro is visible on POV but mostly no name players get punished without a drama while more known players always divide the opinions across the community.

    If a player has already a good game sense and above average skills it becomes almost impossible to deliver a proof that gets accepted by the whole community. There is always arguments about spectator bugs, demorec bugs, skilled recoil control etc etc. To be fair those arguments may also have merit.

    The only 100% proof would be if you were on a lan party and all players were playing with neutral equipment.

    PS: I am not getting into software like MOSS as its client sided(not pub effective) and even on comp side you need admins who know what they are really looking for. Even than the decision is presented by the said admins/admin which could still lead to controversy.
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    let it go, its there but not as widespread as some would like to think.
    at times the paranoia is a bigger problem than the actual cheaters
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    There isn't even a consensus about macros being unfair so that's also what I meant. Usually players using macros are terrible players anyway hoping they'll be better with that stuff. Couldn't agree more on what frankof said, same old story as with ini-tuning and what not.
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    I don't like people with bad sportsmanship complex.
    If my trollery drives you crazy, you'd better put on your seatbelt.

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    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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