Denmark Liberated Today

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"After having been occupied by Germany since 9 April 1940, Denmark became free again on 5 May 1945. When the liberation was announced in the 8.30pm BBC broadcast on 4 May 1945, many Danes spontaneously placed lit candles in their windows. This became a custom that is still kept up by many Danes.” says

Hearing this yesterday, I took my camera and went for a walk in the evening to see exactly how many candles there are. I have also observed in this months since I am here that Danes usually light up candles. You can find candles everywhere, in each supermarket and for sure IKEA is filled with candles. Still, another thing I don’t really get, but if you add all the elements with the war, with the sun, with the danish weirdness that we all know of, maybe you get something out of it.

This tradition of lighting up candles on the evening of 4th of May seemed very “hygge”, and something incredibly respectful for that moment to still keep doing it. I went out and took some photos of a couple of windows with candles.


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